SF Mayor London Breed loses all COVID credibility when caught maskless at club

Any shred of credibility possessed by liberal San Francisco Mayor London Breed regarding pandemic-related public health orders flew out the window this week after it was revealed that she indulged in a night out partying at a jazz club without a mask, in clear defiance of the city’s own mandate, as Fox News reports.

Much to her certain chagrin, Breed was captured on camera living it up during an evening of revelry shared with Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza, as the New York Post noted.

Breed’s conduct on Friday appeared to be in clear contravention of the San Francisco’s health order – announced by the mayor in August – which requires those attending live indoor performances, such as the one she enjoyed at the Black Cat Jazz Club, to be masked unless actively engaged in eating or drinking, which was not the case in photos as well as video footage of the mayor singing and dancing at the venue.

It was not long after evidence of Breed’s “do as I say, not as I do” attitude leaked to the pre mass that she attempted to quell the controversy by claiming, “While I’m eating and drinking, I’m going to keep my mask off.”

The mayor continued in her heavy-handed excuse-making, adding, “And yes, in the time while we’re drinking like everyone else there, we were all having a good time and again all vaccinated. The fact that this is even a story is sad.”

Though one might assume the entire episode would leave Breed feeling at least somewhat chastened and rebuked over the apparent double standard, she instead took an astonishingly defiant stance when called out for her behavior, saying, “We don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or should ‘t be doing.”

Finally, a statement from San Francisco’s mayor with which conservatives can wholeheartedly agree, though ideally, it would have been delivered without the hefty helping of hypocrisy.