Several Wisconsin lawmakers want to decertify Biden’s 2020 election win

If you thought the battle over alleged voter fraud in the 2020 election was over, think again.

According to the Washington Examiner, although its been nearly two years since President Joe Biden won the 2020 election, a growing number of members of Wisconsin’s State Assembly are pushing to go as far as the decertification of Biden’s win in the state.

Election committee leader State Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R), a Trump-endorsed Wisconsin lawmaker, said as much in a recent letter that stirred up quite the controversy concerning the state’s 2020 election.

“Fair and honest elections are the cornerstone of our democracy and we know that the 2020 presidential election was neither fair, nor transparent,” Brandtjen wrote in a press release, published in a Facebook post. “Tyranny is at Wisconsin’s door.”

“We have been told for months now that decertification is impossible, meaning there is no downside to cheating in Wisconsin elections,” Brandtjen said. “How many more times do we need to endure this election injustice?”

The Examiner noted: “Biden defeated Trump by nearly 21,000 votes in Wisconsin in 2020, a result that has been upheld by recounts and court rulings that have rejected assertions of widespread fraud. However the state remains an active battleground for questioning the results and election practices during that contest.”

The situation in Wisconsin has even attracted the attention of former President Donald Trump, with Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos saying recently that he often inquires about efforts to decertify the 2020 results.

“He makes his case, which I respect. He would like us to do something different in Wisconsin. I explained it’s not allowed under the Constitution. He has a different opinion, and then he put out the tweet. So that’s it,” Vos said of Trump’s requests.