Seven people dead after man shows up to birthday party and opens fire

What should have been a fun, routine birthday party in Colorado Springs, Colorado turned into a deadly nightmare.

According to The Hill, police responded to a mobile home park in the wake of a shooting at a birthday party that left a total of seven dead. Reportedly, a boyfriend of one of the shooting victims showed up during the party and opened fire, leaving six dead at the scene and one injured, who later died at a nearby hospital. 

Though it’s tragic that anyone lost their life, by the grace of God, not a single child was injured or killed in the deadly shooting. The alleged shooter reportedly took his own life at the scene after committing the violent act.

Colorado Springs Police Chief Vince Niski issued a statement after the horrific scene was processed, expressing his condolences for the family and friends of the victims of what he described as a “senseless act of violence.”

“Words fall short to describe the tragedy that took place this morning. As the chief of police, as a husband, as a father, as a grandfather, as a member of this community, my heart breaks for the families who have lost someone they love and for the children who have lost their parents,” Niski said.

“This is something you hope never happens in your own community, in the place that you call home,” the chief added.

According to CBS Denver, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) issued a statement in the wake of the shooting, describing the situation as a “terrible act of violence.”

“The tragic shooting in Colorado Springs is devastating, especially as many of us are spending the day celebrating the women in our lives who have made us the people we are today. Multiple lives were taken today by this terrible act of violence. Families torn apart, and at a birthday party no less. My deepest condolences and prayers are with the victims, their families, and everyone else impacted by this tragedy,” Polis said in a statement.

A motive for the shooting is still under investigation and authorities are still asking any witnesses who haven’t been interviewed by detectives to come forward with any information to aid in the investigation.

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  4. Biden mumbles when he talks and squints his eyes to try to see his teleprompter
    Is his brain working? He needs to stop trying to be a president and needs to go to a nursing home.

  5. It’s sad to hear about the shooting! It’s always hard to understand what motivates people to kill people, then kill themselves. It took place in a mobile home, which seems to have trouble like this. I’ve known quite a few people who lived in parks. They didn’t seem to be like low life’s or criminals. These stories give parks and the residents a bad rep.

  6. Don’t know what happened to my post but I just would like to know why these Dems can’t see what is happening to this country. Why do they believe CNN and Demented old Joe who doesn’t know what is going on around him. Eyes cannot see I guess. And why is everything D. Trumps; fault. All he did was take care of the American people. This country is in a mess and I hope we will be able to survive it. Old Joe and his minions are going to take us into a war for sure

    1. They are being led by their television sets. We know who the puppet master is over almost ALL media – that’s why they all say the same thing over & over. Almost impossible to ‘wake up’ watching that garbage.

  7. Why are the police trying to sort this all out when alphabet channels will attempt to whip this tragedy into something it is not. Woke folk don’t want officers meddling in their affairs.

  8. If Donald Trump and his deranged followers would stop lying certainly would help. All of you know the election was not stolen. Trump was really messing up the United States and no one wanted him back in the White House. Please pray for yourselves and For Mr. Donald Trump

    1. This is what happens when you have liberal communist democrats running cities and states always trying to be be social workers to the criminal element instead of locking the idiots up where they can’t hurt anyone. Now to your Donald Trump comment name me one instanance where Trump caused any of this crap that is going on in this country right now. The election was stolen and anyone with half a brain knows it. Sounds to me like you are brainwashed by the democrats and the media. Unless you are deaf and blind you should be able to figure that out. Quit listening to what these idiots are telling you and try thinking for yourself and you will see that these democrats and the media are lying about Trump.

    2. You have overdosed on the leftist kool aid! Everyone in the country, except weak minded Democrats know the election process was corrupted.

    3. Brown you’re an idiot Trump was the best president this country has ever had compared to the 80th that’s in there hands down he’s the best

  9. Just so sad to see or hear this going on in our country. People need to wake up and be Americans once again. American people do not do things like this. So much stress in our country now because of a stolen election but using guns to express your frustration is not the answer. The article seems to think it is not as bad as it really is because no children were killed. What about those children now having no parent? No one should be killed like this.

    1. I do not see anywhere a mention of politics. So, why do you people always have to bring politics and President Trump into it?

      1. Anytime anyone can slam TRUMP, they will do it….take EVERY opportunity to blacken his name & ALL the good he did (still doing) for OUR USA…belongs to ALL of us, & the GOOD benefits ALL….yet some cannot get over their dislike (HATE) for the GREAT man TRUMP. They NEED PRAYER.

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