Senior Pentagon official abruptly resigns, warns of US falling behind in technology to China

It’s not a secret that America, under President Joe Biden and his administration’s leadership, is at a greatly weakened state compared to the previous administration, who made sure that the United States was prepared for any type of threat it could face.

According to Fox News, in a rare announcement, a senior Pentagon official abruptly resigned this week, and on his way out, warned that the United States is falling behind its adversaries, like China, in areas like intelligence gathering and related technology.

The man who resigned, Preston Dunlap, the chief architect for the Space Force as Fox Noted, seemed genuinely concerned about America’s readiness as the government drops the ball and the commercial sector begins to pick up the slack, which Dunlap says leaves America quite vulnerable.

“These are accessible to anyone with resources and academics and capabilities, and so our adversaries or potential adversaries are able to have access to that technology, not only inside their own economies, but because of the benefit of our free and open society, which is a great thing,” Dunlap said during a recent Fox News interview.

He added: “They also have access to a lot of our capabilities as well from our companies, and so what I want us to be able to do is to make sure that we don’t just compete globally on that technological scale, but we can actually adapt and adopt the technologies of our own companies and commercial ecosystem, which we have the opportunity to do right here at home.”

Dunlap explained that it’s easy to become complacent when a country isn’t facing immediate, current threats, but pointed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a prime reason why the United States needs to be fully capable of countering threats at any given time.

He went on to explain that there’s still time to get caught up if the Department of Defense can learn to efficiently work with the private sector.

It’s doubtful that anything will change under President Biden, but hopefully in 2024, when Americans elect a Republican president, we can get this country back on the right track — the same track that Donald Trump had it on, which seemed to work quite well.