Senate votes to confirm Trump nominee, 49-46

In another win for the Trump administration and the Republican-led Senate, Trump nominee Nathan Simington was confirmed to a post at the Federal Communications Commission.

Breitbart reports:

The nomination of Simingon, relatively unknown in Washington DC until now, has alarmed many lobbyists and career bureaucrats in the swamp. In comments to reporters in September, lobbyists expressed concern that Simington’s nomination was “unusual” and that “we don’t know him.”

I couldn’t ask for a better “endorsement.” Anyone who the swamp doesn’t like is ok by me.

As Breitbart notes, “Simington’s nomination comes at a critical time for the FCC, as it grapples with questions of internet censorship. President Trump’s executive order on social media censorship called for the FCC — an independent agency — to be petitioned to consider rulemaking changes around Section 230, the law that allows tech platforms to censor their users with little legal blowback.”

Trump’s FCC officials have a chance to make a real difference in their remaining months – but like all officials, they need to be held responsible for acting swiftly.

There isn’t time to waste – the Republic is in danger.