Senate votes to confirm Biden pick for AG – 70-30

Attorney General Merrick Garland was confirmed in a landslide 70-30 vote before the United States Senate on Wednesday, according to The Hill

President Joe Biden nominated Garland for the prestigious position almost five years after many on the left felt he was robbed of his chance to sit on the Supreme Court.

Garland’s Supreme Court dreams were dashed due to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) and his decision not to hear former President Barack Obama’s nomination just months before the heated 2016 presidential election. During this nomination, however, McConnell backed the firmly leftist nominee: 

“I’m voting to confirm Judge Garland because of his long reputation as a straight shooter and a legal expert. His left-of-center perspective has been within the legal mainstream,” McConnell said ahead of Wednesday’s vote according to The Hill.

“Let’s hope our incoming attorney general applies that no-nonsense approach to the serious challenges facing the Department of Justice [DOJ] and our nation.”

The New York Post reported late February that Garland had bipartisan support for the position of attorney general after years of a tumultuous aura following the job.  

The job of the attorney general is one that many consider to be of monumental importance due to the sheer volume of decisions that are left up to the attorney general’s discretion. 

During his Senate confirmation hearing, Garland promised to “fend off any effort by anyone to make prosecutions or investigations partisan or political in any way,” something conservatives find doubtful about the deeply entrenched leftist.

The stakes are high, however, for anyone hoping to retain the traditional American way of life. It’s not a far-fetched theory to guess that a corrupt attorney general could completely annihilate the trust of Americans (and the world) in the United States law enforcement institution and justice system.