Senate Dems push assault weapons ban after House moves on gun control

Throughout the 2020 campaign, former President Donald Trump warned that the Second Amendment rights of all Americans were at stake in the November election, and unfortunately, his concerns about what might happen should Democrats prevail appear to be at risk of coming true.

The Washington Examiner reports that on Thursday, 35 Senate Democrats – headed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) – introduced a bill designed to ban “assault weapons” such as AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, citing “a rise in domestic terrorism.”

The introduction of the proposal comes just after the House of Representatives, also on Thursday, passed two gun control measures related to the expansion of background checks and the extension of the time period in which a prospective gun purchaser must wait for a federal check to be completed, as Reuters noted.

Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has promised to bring both provisions to a vote in the upper chamber, and he also serves as a co-sponsor of the legislation brought forth by Feinstein. Though at this point, the gun control push faces an uphill battle in the 50-50 Senate, President Joe Biden has already signaled a willingness to sign the bills, with the administration’s Office of Management and Budget declaring last week, according to the Examiner:

The administration looks forward to working with Congress to strengthen the Federal gun background check system and take other commonsense steps to reduce gun violence.

Not surprisingly, the calls from the left for greater gun control have met strong resistance from the Republican side of the aisle, with Reps. Lauren Boebert (CO) and Kat Cammack (FL) penning an op-ed in which they characterize the current bills as unconstitutional:

The so-called ‘Bipartisan Background Checks Act’ would effectively create a national firearm registry, allowing the government to target gun owners.

This bill, if it ever became law, would criminalize common exchanges of firearms.

This bill would strip away the rights of millions of people while doing nothing at all to reduce gun violence.

As Reuters noted, the Democrats’ latest attempt to pass stricter gun control laws shows that they have “seized upon a shifting political landscape that they said improved chances for enacting new laws after years of failed attempts.”

It is also part and parcel of the left’s disingenuous assertion that the unrest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 necessitates the launch of a new war on domestic terrorism to defeat what Biden called in his inaugural address, “political extremism [and] White supremacy.” This, despite the fact that according to congressional testimony from FBI official Jill Sanborn, zero firearms were recovered from those arrested for breaching the Capitol that day.

As investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald argued earlier this year, Democrats are now working to “essentially criminalize any oppositional ideology to the ruling class, and that the they are “defining the insurgency as anyone who has an ideology other than neo-liberalism.”

Unfortunately, in their quest to further erode the constitutional rights of all Americans, the Democrats aren’t likely to let facts stand in the way of their fear-mongering narrative.

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  1. The people who are in the White House now are nothing but a bunch of IDIOTS. Take down the fence around the White House. Let the military go home. IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS and PELOSI. Keep the border closed! My gosh AMERICA how much are we going to take? GOD HELP AMERICA

  2. Most of the democrats n Congress don’t care about the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights I just and pray that there are some with common sense and stop this stupidity

  3. The only response that this will get is to make law abiding citizens into criminals since the criminals won’t obey thelaws, like always, anyway.
    This will, then, result in EVERYONE, including the career criminals as well as the newly minted criminals, ignoring the whole thing and ALL of the Democrats wannaconfiscate ideas go out the window because all gun sales will be underground and NO records will be kept and NO ONE will be turned down for ANY kind of weapon, INCLUDING fully automatic rifles, grenade launchers, light artillary, anti-tank weapons, etc. because they will be readily available on the Democrat created Black Market.

  4. Why are these morons coming after decent Americans when they should be going after the criminals who can obtain any gun they want illegally,so leave the good citizens defenseless while the criminals run rampant,we don’t have ex military people watching our backs like I’m sure most of these hypocrites do

  5. Really stupid. Like to see one gun kill somebody if a perosn wasn’t at the trigger. All the elites have big walls and the capital looks sick
    but no walls or shots for the illegals.

  6. Well Main St Gazette, you have lost a reader. I made two innocuous and true statements and both were censored and not published. Congratulations on making my list.

    1. No comment another censoring outlet I agree no longer a reader just what we need another fake news outlet

    2. We in Arizona will defy any attempt to take our weapons. These sorry a– Democrats are nothing but full fledged Communist and should be treated as such–enemies of the state.

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