Senate confirms Xavier Becerra as HHS secretary in narrow 50-49 vote

Amid significant opposition from Republican lawmakers, another of President Joe Biden’s more controversial Cabinet picks was approved for a key administration post this week.

By a narrow 50-49 margin, the Senate voted Thursday to confirm former congressman and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to serve as secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), as ABC News reported.

Becerra is the first Latino to lead HHS and is seen by many conservatives as a staunch partisan likely to take aim at a series of Trump-era regulations and to promote controversial policies such as Medicare-for-All.

Senate Democrats were unanimous in their support of Becerra’s nomination, and they were joined by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who was the only GOP lawmaker to vote in favor of his confirmation. Republicans stood in opposition to the Cabinet pick for a wide array of reasons, including concerns over Becerra’s lack of health care-related experience, his positions on immigration, and his stance on abortion.

Leading the Republican outcry against Becerra in advance of his confirmation was Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, who ran digital ads against his nomination saying, “Xavier Becerra is a radical liberal with no real public health experience besides enforcing California’s disastrous lockdowns,” as Fox News reported separately.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) added his voice to the nominee’s critics, making pointed reference to Becerra’s involvement in litigation seeking to void an exemption to the Obamacare contraception mandate that had been granted to the Little Sisters of the Poor:

Becerra isn’t right for the job because in the middle of a global pandemic the Department of Health and Human Services needs to be focused on health and human services. Becerra is a culture warrior who made his name in bloody-knuckles politics by bullying nuns.

Fox News also reported that Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) also joined in lamenting the nomination, stating:

There’s a reason Mr. Becerra could not get one single Republican vote to move out of committee. It is because he is such a thoroughly partisan actor with so little subject-matter expertise and such a demonstrated history of hostility toward basic values like the freedom of conscience.

There is nothing about Mr. Becerra’s record in Congress or in California to suggest that he is the best possible person to run the Department of Health and Human Services in the middle of a once-in-a-generation viral pandemic.

In a stark assessment of Becerra’s nomination and the potential implications of his confirmation, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) opined: “We have seen a lot of bad nominations from President Biden, but Xavier Becerra is one of the worst,” adding:

This was not a nomination to make the country healthier and safer, it was a nomination to weaponize a massive bureaucracy to carry out the radical left’s woke agenda.

Though perennial Senate swing voter Joe Manchin (D-WV) claimed that Becerra provided him with personal assurances of “his dedication to working with members on both sides of the aisle,” such a pledge seems to stand in stark contrast to the newly-minted secretary’s career strategy to date, giving conservatives real cause for concern.

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  2. God is alive and well. He’s watching as we people, individually have real truth before us, as Trump’s 1-term Presidency, has opened up this world for all to see or not see, what is real and what is unreal. God fixes nothing, except those who he watches over in such times that always change the world around us. Till man learns that this world is hell, a world where lies, deceit, and hypocrisy along with acting go hand-in-hand with Satan himself, history will continue repeating itself, no matter how far mankind advances in technology, which takes humanity out of being human. God created this world to replenish its resources, just as mankind has the freedom to follow and choose their own antichrist to follow, as there are many of them which have infiltrated all of man’s organized religions which are over-filled with antichrists who teach false worldly teachings, and thus many are not prepared for when God himself will cleanse this earth, which only he can, and will do in his time, not ours. Though man will try to fix all problems, which they’ve created, but can’t, because have they haven’t the strength to change themselves for thousands of years, yet always fall short, for they follow the taught truths of men about a God they don’t know and never found as many need an advocate to speak to our Heavenly Father, one on one. For only our Heavenly Father can change this world, but not till he removes all who offend him, which he will in his own time, not ours. Who are those who offend him? Those who seek to learn of him through men, not by seeking the only God, our Father for his teachings instead of listening and being taught by men, not God. 1st. Corinthians, 2; 5. That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. Look up and read Ezekiel, 14; 5-10 and learn why God does not see those who seek him through men instead of through him, on a one-to-one basis. Very few will be left standing after those days, and for now, we are seeing the separation of the chaff from the wheat in all things worldly. Remember, you can’t serve God and Mammon too, yet the majority of mankind tries to straddle both. There is no middle ground with God, your faith is either in him or men. Think about it.

  3. Evil reigns in the Biden administration. We need a miracle and soon, or else this country is lost. WE the people need to stand up against this evil, and vote like we never have before in 2022. Don’t let them cheat again. WE need President Trump and now. Remember our great military, you vowed an oath before God, to protect we the people from foreign and domestic terrorists and what we have in Washington in the treasonous democrapic lying dungbeetle party are the terrorists against our great Republic!

  4. People don’t forget our Savior loves each one of us even the ones that go against him. We all have fallen short of the glory of God. Just remember that if we stand by him till the end we will be saved and given eternal life, May the Lord bless each one of us.

  5. Susan Collins needs to retire. What a turncoat. Another reason for term limits. This country is gone. So sad. There is no hope & im glad I’m old & wont have to put up with this nightmare much longer. Open borders, free everything, sick of stupid mask. Hope u dumb people love the commies u voted for. Rigged election. Trump is real president. Best Pres ever.

  6. Free everything and enslave all physicians and tax payers? It’s the law. Get President Trump in there with the USMC to enforce the actual 2020 vote returns and lead removing the vampires. Bats, squids, and the Nosferatu wannabes.

    1. Yes lets all please vote for Donald Trump in our next election, he may be harsh in his own way, but he got things done and did them right. I am wondering if all those who voted for Biden, (even though I think it was a rigged election) are regretting that they voted for Biden.

  7. There’s not a single one of El Presidente Dipschitt’s nominees or appointments that’s worth a Schitt. Every single one is a Libtard Arshole.

  8. These people are so evil it’s scary! Again, I am placing my trust in our Sovereign God as he sees all…knows all and I firmly believe he will protect his people. Unfortunately it is not in our time but his. We must be patient, trust and believe. His timing is his. Remain in prayer. Amen. 🙏🙏

    1. I trust in God more than anything and I really believe that he will save America, he is there for us and always will be. Amen

  9. Why do you believe anything Joe Manchin says, he has proven over and over all that comes from his lips is only what he knows you want to hear. Like scripture says, you honor me with your mouth but your heart is far from me. He has proven he cannot be trusted, why keep thinking he will, he is a demonrat.

    1. Fast Lane Joe,, talks a good story but falls int0 line when its time to vote ,, hasn’t changed since before he was govenor

    1. How do you put someone in a position who has limited knowledge of the policies they will be in charge of? It makes absolutely no sense. Please remove Maine from the the United States.

      1. He doesn’t need any knowledge. He will be a puppet, just like Bidet and Kameltoe. Further proof there is a Deep State that must be dealt with.

  10. Well another liberal has entered the Biden administration things are not looking very good for this nation as we sink further down into the cesspool of the left, just glad that God is in control and is allowing this to happen

      1. Satin will never win. He is the great deceiver and wants us to think he is winning but he will not…. Remember: God’s timing is not ours and we must trust in him.

      2. God is always in control. It’s man that has failed in the freedom that God gave us! Satan lost at the cross and does in the end, but it’s man’s responsibility to do what is right. God always works in ways man does not see.

      3. Agree!!!! Praying sooner or later this insanity will stop on the left – our country cannot withstand 4
        Years of this idiocy!!!!

      4. don’t you dare say Satan is winning that is what he wants you to say making you doubt that God is not doing anything ,Gods hand is on America have no doubt and trust him. Satan and the corrupted liberals thinks they are winning and it may seem that way at the moment with God’s plan and God’s hand they will soon sink.he just sent hail,rain and snow like he said he would do to shake and wake the people he also said keep your eyes upon the rainbow and California and Israel and two other countries,I captured the most beautiful rainbow that was in Virginia never seen like this one I put it on my FB….keep your faith and keep watching things are fixing to happen.God also warned China he promised through his propthetic prophets that He would bring America back like it once was have faith and believe and give thanks and praise unto God


      1. Dorothy Foster you are so true. The one who say they are Republicans but they follow the Demorats needs to shipped to the moon on a one way ticket.

    2. ahhhm the borders will be opened now and we will be flooded by illegal immigrants looking for welfare from the USA,, they will all become registered Democrats

    3. Has ANYONE heard ONE truthful comment out of Demonrats for the past 40 years??????????????????? NOT ONE ! Liars, deceivers and ruthless corrupt LAWYERS ! The left are atheists… the have their feet clearly in the AIR !

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