Senate confirms Biden pick 49-45

The United States Senate confirmed Colin Kahl as undersecretary of defense for policy on Tuesday in a 49-45 vote, according to Fox News

The vote was split down party lines with Republicans objecting to Kahl’s anti-Republican social media posts, indicating that they believed he would not be fit for office, given his bias.

GOP senators cited his October 2019 tweet where he said that Republicans “debase themselves at the alter of Trump” and “are the party of ethnic cleansing.”

They also brought to light the nominee saying that “we are going to die” if John Bolton were to become national security adviser, which he did, and most seem to still be standing.

Republicans also took offense to Kahl’s policies, especially those concerning Iran and the Middle East, which were pointedly public due to the now confirmed under secretary’s time serving as then-Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser in the Obama administration.

According to Fox, Kahl supported the Iran nuclear deal and has been tied to a ultra-progressive group called the Plougshares Fund which is believed to have played a key role in creating the narrative to sell that deal to the American public

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) listed Kahl’s incorrect predictions, including those about killing Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani, during the confirmation hearing:

“[Y]ou said that ending the Iran deal might lead to war, and that did not happen,” Inhofe said. “You said the Soleimani strike would force the United States out of Iraq. That did not happen,” Inhofe said. “You wrote that it would be “difficult” to prevent a ‘massive war’ on the Korean peninsula in 2018. That did not happen. You said that moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem would harm relations with Arab states, and, in fact, Arab-Israeli relations have never been better.”

Khal copped to some of the damaging rhetoric he was accused of, saying that, “The last few years have been pretty polarizing on social media and I’m sure there are times that I got swept up in that.