Senate confirms Biden pick 49-45

The United States Senate confirmed Colin Kahl as undersecretary of defense for policy on Tuesday in a 49-45 vote, according to Fox News

The vote was split down party lines with Republicans objecting to Kahl’s anti-Republican social media posts, indicating that they believed he would not be fit for office, given his bias.

GOP senators cited his October 2019 tweet where he said that Republicans “debase themselves at the alter of Trump” and “are the party of ethnic cleansing.”

They also brought to light the nominee saying that “we are going to die” if John Bolton were to become national security adviser, which he did, and most seem to still be standing.

Republicans also took offense to Kahl’s policies, especially those concerning Iran and the Middle East, which were pointedly public due to the now confirmed under secretary’s time serving as then-Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser in the Obama administration.

According to Fox, Kahl supported the Iran nuclear deal and has been tied to a ultra-progressive group called the Plougshares Fund which is believed to have played a key role in creating the narrative to sell that deal to the American public

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) listed Kahl’s incorrect predictions, including those about killing Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani, during the confirmation hearing:

“[Y]ou said that ending the Iran deal might lead to war, and that did not happen,” Inhofe said. “You said the Soleimani strike would force the United States out of Iraq. That did not happen,” Inhofe said. “You wrote that it would be “difficult” to prevent a ‘massive war’ on the Korean peninsula in 2018. That did not happen. You said that moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem would harm relations with Arab states, and, in fact, Arab-Israeli relations have never been better.”

Khal copped to some of the damaging rhetoric he was accused of, saying that, “The last few years have been pretty polarizing on social media and I’m sure there are times that I got swept up in that.

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  1. God help us all for the next four years. Biden is the absolutely worst excuse for a president in the history of America.

    1. He is not my President and he really did not win the election, he had big money behind him to make sure he looked like he won. Start with George Soros and go from there. I hope we can survive this mess.

      1. Tell me, how in hell George Soros is still breathing our air after the BS he has pulled on this country . He should have been buried years ago, but no he has been allowed to stick around an cause this fraudulent azz to be seated in the Whitehouse !!!!

    2. If the senate is split 50 50, where the hell are the 5 republican votes that could have changed the outcome. We need to call them out and vote them out!!

      1. This the most corrupt, communistic,Anti God, lieing,stealing bunch of Oxie Morton’s I’ve seen. If they aren’t careful they will start a nother revolution……

        1. You say that like it’s a surprise, or that a revolution isn’t something thats at the top of their agenda…??

        2. GOOD ! I look forward to a second revolution or another civil war. I want to actively participate. Let’s cleanse the herd.

    3. Well, as much damage he has done in the past four month to our country will take decades to recover from that. I hope that our Congress and Supreme Justices will file Impeachment on him and his corrupt Administration before he gets us into a war. He is a Traitor to this Nation and the American people. He should be Impeached for Treason as well as his corrupt Administration.

      1. He needs to be hung for treason along with his treasonous family.
        Demonkkkranks are RACIST they are born and raised to be racist.

    4. I agree 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

    5. I will never call him president and I will never listen to him speak. I can’t stand to look at those beady eyes that look like a crazy man.

    6. Hate to say it but you and I feel the same way, doubt the people that voted for him feel any better. Hope and pray something changes, a miracle perhaps. We need one as soon as possible.

    7. We went from best ever president to worst over night!!!! How did that happen??

    8. My question is who are the four RINO’s that voted for him? They need to be removed from the senate next election.

  2. It would appear that another ideological dirt bag, whose past public comments and recommendations that were contrary to reality and the interests of the people and nation, has now joined Sniff Biden’s flock!

  3. I agree, the next four years of Biden crap is killing the American spirit everything it goes with it.

    I pray President Trump comes back and puts America first again.

  4. I agree with Franklin Steele’s comment. And as always, the “main stream “ media won’t report and dwell on this appointee’s postings. If he were appointed by a Republican President, his past postings would be all over the news.

  5. Funny, the Republicans had a chance to outvote Democrats on this nomination, and they did not do it. Does that tell you that the Republicans are really serious about stopping him. They have no backbone, and I will not give them another dime until they do. Shame on them.

  6. No there was no “Senate” vote…..Dems just voted him in. There is no unity between parties. Democrats make all the decisions now. 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡

  7. Biden definitely has not been a good President. It’s Horrible what we are all going thru due to 😴 Biden. If my ears heard correctly, I believe one of the examiner of the voting machines said They have 120 days to get it right (the voting count) then the Presidential can be reversed. I dunno if it goes past that, and they aren’t finished yet with the audit if the case stands reversed….Does anyone know?

  8. It is just lucky that the vote was not 50-50. If it had been co-president harris would have to pull herself away from co-president biden to vote. Have to wonder if he could have survived the separaion.

  9. If this guy “got swept in” the polarizing rhetoric on social media, is he really someone that needs to be in the inner circle of advisers to the POTUS? If he is that easily swayed away from cool headed decision making, he needs to be far from the decision makers in DC. Whoever that is since 1/21/21.

  10. The Repubcraps are no better than the Demolocrsps they all don’t care about anything but how much they can steal from the taxpayers. Both parties fought President Trump tooth and nail to keep him from making this Great Country even better. One day and very soon they all will stand before GOD in final judgement and he will say to them I never knew you and your name is not in the lambs book of life. Then they will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity. and it is well deserved. It will be a true BLESSING not to be with them any more, AMEN.!!!!!

  11. expect more do nothing, know nothing , see nothing commie liberals appointed by the fake do nothing president.

  12. Senators, I ask again. What is your hurry to get all these anti-Americans fools in their positions. I haven’t seen one worth a dash of salt. Why are you voting for the deep state. I for one will keep an eye on the votes.

  13. We need to get them out of the White House now Get our PRESIDENT DONALD Trump back in he is the only one that shut those Democrats down

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