Senate candidate Herschel Walker confirms existence of previously undisclosed kids

Potentially scandalous revelations about U.S. Senate candidate and former NFL standout Herschel Walker and the children he reportedly fathered out of wedlock emerged in recent days, causing the Republican hopeful to address the situation directly in the media, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Before the week began, the only offspring publicly acknowledged by Walker was a 22-year-old son, Christian, but as of Wednesday, the former footballer admitted that he is the father of four children, including two additional sons, aged 10 and 13, and a daughter, whose age was not released.

Though many in the media attempted to depict the three children other than Christian as “secret,” Walker fired back against that characterization, noting that when he was appointed by former President Donald Trump to serve on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, he declared the existence of all four kids on a required government disclosure form.

In a statement given to The Hill, Walker explained, “I have four children. Three sons and a daughter. They’re not ‘undisclosed’ – they’re my kids. I support them all and love them all.”

“I’ve never denied my children, I confirmed this when I was appointed to the President’s Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition, I just chose not to use them as props to win a political campaign,” Walker stated. “What parent would want their child involved in garbage, gutter politics like this?”

Taking issue with the manner in which his personal situation has been characterized, Walker declared, “Saying I hide my children because I don’t discuss them with reporters to win a campaign? That’s outrageous. I can take the heat, that’s politics – but leave my kids alone.”

The relationship between Walker and his children perhaps drew the attention of some critics due to prior statements the candidate has made about the importance of playing a key role in a child’s life, regardless of whether a relationship with his or her mother endures.

“If you have a child with a woman, even if you have to leave that woman, you don’t leave the child,” Walker said during a 2021 interview, a goal he reportedly may not have fully met, with respect to at least one of the recently-acknowledged children.

Walker is poised to take on incumbent Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock in what is expected to be among the most hotly contested midterm races, but already armed with Trump’s endorsement, he could well find himself headed to Washington, D.C. come January, provided he successfully navigates this and any other controversies his opponents attempt to stoke.