Sean Hannity takes title of longest-running cable news host in broadcast history

An impressive broadcasting milestone was reached this week, as Fox News’ stalwart Sean Hannity earned the title of longest-serving cable news show host in history, as The Hill reports.

By notching 25 years, six months, and 15 days of consecutive service on his eponymous prime time program, Hannity claimed the record previously held by late CNN notable Larry King.

Now 60 years of age, Hannity has spent a large part of his career at Fox News, having joined the network back in 1996, the same year the eventual ratings juggernaut launched, the Washington Examiner noted.

In a statement issued on the occasion of Hannity’s achievement, Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott praised the conservative commentator who has been a consistent presence on the network’s airwaves for this record-breaking tenure.

“Sean’s authenticity and insightful commentary have created one of the most enduring connections with our audience and it’s been an honor to watch him over the years,” Scott said. “A Fox News original, he has helped innovate the industry, and we are incredibly proud of his extraordinary success.”

Underscoring the astounding popularity of Hannity’s show over the years, the statement added, “His eponymous program has dominated the cable news landscape, ranking number one in its time slot with both viewers and in the 25-54 demographic for 13 consecutive years since launching as a solo hour in January 2009.”

For his part, Hannity expressed appreciation for his colleagues at the network as well as the fan base that has made him one of the most recognizable names in news and opinion programming.

“I am extremely grateful to Fox News Media and to our loyal, dedicated viewers whom I am proud to serve every night,” the host declared.

Making Hannity’s cable news longevity all the more impressive is the fact that the host also helms a daily, three-hour Premiere Radio Network program called The Sean Hannity Show, and millions of loyal audience members from coast to coast are surely hoping he has many more years of broadcasting ahead of him.