Screen goes black right after Biden says he’ll be ‘happy’ to take questions

President Joe Biden has taken increased criticism lately for not taking many questions from the press, or from anyone for that matter. To say it’s a shocking contrast from his predecessor would be an enormous understatement.

According to the Washington Examiner, speculation that Biden’s handlers are purposely shielding him from the press grew stronger last week, as Biden told a group of Democratic lawmakers that he would take questions right after he was done addressing him, only to see the White House immediately pull the feed down when it was question time.

The video feed of the incident immediately went viral, racking up millions of views and leaving many scratching their heads trying to determine why he would say he would take questions only to then hit those who were watching with a blank screen.

The mysterious incident came in the wake of Biden being questioned for not yet holding a presidential news conference, even though he’s been in the White House just shy of two months. His failure to hold a presser actually set a record, becoming the first president in 100 years to go so long without addressing the media.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was drilled by reporters with regard to her boss shying away from holding an unscripted press conference, which is a fair question given the number of issues currently facing this country. She promised that it would happen soon.

“He will hold a solo press conference, but I don’t have a date for you at this point in time.” She would later add that the president would hold a press conference before the end of March, as The Hill reported.

Psaki also attempted to defend the 46th president, telling reporters that it should be understandable why he hasn’t committed to a presser as of yet, given the COVID-19 vaccination rollout and other issues with which he’s currently tackling.

Only time will tell if Biden follows through on his promise to take questions before the end of March. If it does happen, be sure to have your screen-recording app ready, because it’ll undoubtedly generate a few laughs.

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  1. I hope all the dommocrats are REAL happy with what THEIR president is doing!! Also with the cost of every thing going up and people not getting back to work, bringing all those across the border, HE is REALLY a PIECE OF WORK. He will go down as the VERY worse president ever, He will NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT. Trump will win in 2024 and hopefully he can bring our country back to LIFE.

  2. Wow that is David Copperfield stuff, can they do an elephant too maybe ? disappear a president gee whiz ,all I can do is hide the salami ,kinda similar though

  3. He is just playing President , His name won`t be on the checks , no matter what is said ,check out the real reason . The border has become a disaster . The Oil and power grid is under control of China , because of the Democrats promises to Foreign countries . The broadcasts are from a stage/ movie set , check out the pictures . I could go on but I won`t ,there are to many people still asleep as to what is happening .

  4. This is a weird situation, that powers that be select a weak man so that he will be easy to control.
    The problem is, when you have a collection of power hungry crooks all competing for power, all HELL can come.
    This is the worst power vacuum in our nation’s history.
    We don’t even know which of .power-hungry rats will take power

    1. You are totally correct. The demonrats are nothing but theives, liars, corrupt politicians… anyone who voted for them, this is on you. The destruction of a beautiful nation is because you put an idiot in office and allowed Pelosi to be the puppet master and biden the puppet…. you are the problem in america and you should be sent packing.

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