SCOTUS says no to Sidney Powell election lawsuits

Millions of American voters continue to have significant doubts about the fairness of the 2020 presidential election, with one recent poll suggesting that fully 77% of Republicans believe that widespread fraud occurred.

According to The Epoch Times, however, the Supreme Court on Monday rejected petitions for writs of mandamus in two lawsuits filed by Sidney Powell, an attorney who for months has been fighting an uphill battle in an attempt to expose what she describes as overwhelming evidence of electoral wrongdoing in numerous states.

The petitions at issue requested the high court to issue writs that would have compelled the lower courts in the named cases to take immediate actions in the matters, which centered on electoral results in Wisconsin and Arizona, as Newsweek noted.

In making her request to the court, Powell herself admitted that the granting of such relief by the Supreme Court would indeed be “unusual,” but that it would be justified “where a question of public importance is involved, or where the question is of such a nature that it is peculiarly appropriate that such action by this Court should be taken.”

Powell’s petitions included four key questions she asserted the Supreme Court should address, including “whether presidential electors have standing to challenge the outcome of a presidential election for fraud and illegality that cause the defeat of their candidate.”

The justices, however, issued a succinct response to Powell’s filings. “The petitions for writs of mandamus are denied,” read the order, which offered no additional comment on the court’s reasoning.

Powell took center stage in the aftermath of the November election when she famously pledged to “release the Kraken,” in a series of lawsuits she claimed would expose massive election fraud aided by “Silicon Valley people, the big tech companies, the social media and even the media companies,” and Dominion Voting Systems, whose tabulation machines were utilized in several disputed states.

The attorney famous for successfully representing former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has seemingly staked her career and reputation on her clams that overwhelming election fraud took place during the 2020 contest. Her unwavering commitment to the cause has come at significant cost, with Dominion Voting Systems filing a $1.3 billion defamation suit against her in January.

Powell has also been targeted for disbarment or other professional disciplinary measures by Democrat Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, who claimed that Powell initiated litigation in the state that was “based on falsehoods,” and that she “lent credence to untruths that led to violence in unrest,” according to the Detroit Free Press.