SCOTUS ruling on Texas anti-abortion law could come this week: Report

Democrats around the country collectively wailed after Texas passed one of the boldest, strictest anti-abortion laws in the history of the United States, and as a result, Dems and pro-abortion organizations quickly moved to challenge the new law in the U.S. Supreme Court.

As the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported, all eyes will be on the high court come Monday, as a ruling on the Texas law is widely expected by court watchers.

Oral arguments in two challenges to the anti-abortion law were heard by SCOTUS earlier this month, and court observers originally expected to see a ruling by now on at least one of those challenges, making Monday a strong possibility that a decision will come down.

Steve Vladeck, UT law school professor and CNN’s lead Supreme Court analyst, tweeted last week that Monday is the day to watch for the ruling.

Texas won several temporary challenges to the law thanks to an appeals court that allowed the law to remain in place while the high court decides how they’ll proceed. Keeping the law in place was widely criticized by critics of the legislation, including Caroline Duble, political director for Avow, a Texas-based abortion rights advocacy organization.

“Every single day that SB8 is in effect in Texas is a travesty and an injustice for Texans who need abortion care,” Duble said recently. “We are frustrated that the court is taking so long, and we have been frustrated with the way that they’ve handled this law since the first time it appeared before them.”

Legal experts believe the reason for the slight delay in the high court’s decision revolves around the extremely unique enforcement mechanism in place, which transfers the power of enforcement to Texas residents, who are allowed to pursue legal action against doctors or organizations that violate the law.

Only time will tell how SCOTUS justices will rule on the hot-button issue, but their decision is guaranteed to draw intense backlash from either side.