SCOTUS issues revised vax mandate transcript after left misrepresents Gorsuch claim

Last week’s Supreme Court oral arguments concerning President Joe Biden’s sweeping vaccine mandates produced a number of incendiary headlines and supposed “gotcha” moments, but in the end, misguided attempts to embarrass Justice Neil Gorsuch over a perceived misstatement ultimately went down to humiliating defeat, as the Washington Examiner reports.

This particular controversy arose when number of left-leaning journalists and pundits pounced on Gorsuch for supposedly suggesting that the seasonal flu is responsible for killing “hundreds of thousands” of individuals annually.

Gorsuch had referenced the volume of yearly flu deaths while underscoring the fact that despite the deadly potential of that illness, the federal government does not force vaccination to prevent such fatalities, as it is attempting to do in response to COVID-19.

However, in this situation, the comma is key, because despite media claims to the contrary, Gorsuch actually said that the flu kills “hundreds, thousands” of people each year, not “hundreds of thousands,” a distinction that ultimately resulted in a revision to the official transcript of the proceedings, according to The Hill.

Prior to the correction, however, many on the left took inordinate – and erroneous – glee in blasting Gorsuch for his observation, with journalist Aaron Rupar posting on Twitter, “The flu kills about 30,000 Americans each year. I’m kinda surprised Gorsuch would broadcast his ignorance like this. I looked this up with help from Google in about 10 seconds.”

Perennial left-wing flamethrower Elie Mystal of The Nation blithely – though incorrectly – piled on, tweeting, “Gorsuch: ‘the flu kills hundreds of thousands of people every year’ NO IT DOES NOT. STOP GETTING YOUR MEDICAL STATS FROM FOX NEWS.”

Conservative commentator Phil Kerpen, however, took to social media to post actual audio from the high court and chide those who misinterpreted what the jurist actually said, writing, “Hey geniuses. You are falsely smearing Justice Gorusch for a TRANSCRIPTION ERROR. Listen carefully: ‘Flu kills, I believe, hundreds, thousands of people every year.’ Correct and retract your false stories.”

The same figures who were apoplectic over Gorsuch’s supposed gaffe were oddly silent when it came to the whoppers uttered by the liberal justices last Friday, with Justice Sonia Sotomayor egregiously claiming that 100,000 children were hospitalized in serious condition due to COVID-19, with “many on ventilators,” (the true number stood at 3,342) and Justice Stephen Breyer making the astonishing assertion that there had been 750,000,000 million new coronavirus cases diagnosed in the prior day alone.

Apparently, in the eyes of folks like Rupar, Mystal, and their ilk, the outlandish misinformation put forth by the high court’s liberal justices is wholly acceptable and perhaps on par with the Faucian “noble lies” they have willingly and uncritically devoured over the past two years, but hopefully, the broader citizenry’s willingness to suspend disbelief and let such offenses slide has finally come to an end.