Russian oligarch who once met with Hunter Biden now wanted for murder

We know Hunter Biden met with his fair share of shady characters while he was out allegedly selling access to his then-vice president father, but one of the people he met with in Russia took “shady” to a whole new level.

According to the New York Post, during a 2012 trip to Russia to meet with some of the country’s most powerful and wealthy oligarchs, Hunter Biden met up with a man called Telman Ismailov on Feb. 17 of that year at his holding company.

As it would turn out, Ismailov is now wanted for murder.

It was in 2017 that Ismailov was accused of murder in Russia, specifically for allegations of having shelled out a staggering $2 million to have Vladimir Savkin, a shopping mall magnate, and Yury Brilev, founder of Lyublino Motors, killed.

The two men died after being knocked off the Novorizhskoye highway in Moscow, which happened to occur shortly after a business dispute with Hunter Biden’s old buddy, Ismailov.

The Post added: “It’s unclear what Hunter Biden wanted with Ismailov, but the trip was part of a two-day meet and greet between Hunter and wealthy oligarchs in the country — which at least in part focused on seeking foreign cash for Rosemont Realty, an offshoot of Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Partners.”

Notably, upon returning from his meeting with the Russian oligarchs, just a few days later, Hunter Biden went to the Naval Observatory to meet up with his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden. It’s unclear — unrecorded — what the two spoke about during that particular meeting.

One wonders as evidence mounts that Hunter Biden engaged in widespread influence-peddling whether or not someone from the mainstream media will pursue the story as it so deserves. With President Biden’s popularity waning, it just might be a possibility.