Russian diplomat and suspected spy found dead on pavement in Germany

In a bizarre tale of international intrigue, a Russian diplomat who was also suspected of working as a spy was found dead on the sidewalk outside his country’s embassy in Germany last month, allegedly due to a fall from an upper floor window, but many questions still remain about the circumstances surrounding the incident, as Fox News reports.

Kirill Zhalo, 35, was discovered on the pavement in Berlin on the morning of Oct. 19, and though emergency responders attempted to revive the man, their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful.

According to the Washington Examiner, the deceased man has been identified as the son of Lt. Gen. Alexei Zhalo, a well-known officer in Russia’s Federal Security Service, someone reports suggest has been connected to secret operations against journalists and political opposition figures in his home country.

The Daily Mail reports that Roman Dobrokhotov, an exiled Russian journalist, has indicated his belief that Zhalo was murdered over his knowledge about or involvement in the 2019 murder of Chechen commander Zelimkhan Khangoshvili as well as suspicions that he was about to cooperate with western law enforcement agencies in the case.

As the Examiner notes, a number of Russian officials have met their demise by falling from windows after engaging in public criticism of the country’s leadership, including three healthcare officials who plummeted to their deaths in 2020 under strange circumstances.

Dobrokhotov argues that explanations of Zhalo’s death involving either an accidental fall from the embassy building or a suicidal act “look like a complete absurdity” and should be viewed as “impossible to believe.”

Unfortunately, no conclusive answers as to what actualloy happened to Zhalo may ever be forthcoming, given that the Russian embassy refused to permit an autopsy of his body, and German prosecutors are powerless to intervene due to the deceased man’s diplomatic status, as the Daily Mail added.

Furthermore, Zhalo’s body was sent back to Russia the very next day after his discovery on the sidewalk outside the embassy, as diplomatic representatives declared in a formal statement on the matter.

With the Russian embassy refusing further comment by citing “ethical reasons” and German authorities remaining mum due to “privacy reasons,” it seems likely that the truth behind Zhalo’s untimely death will remain shrouded in mystery indefinitely.