Russia launches surprise missile attacks on Kyiv after weeks of quiet

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine slogs into its fourth month, logging little in the way of success, at least relative to what was predicted to happen, the evolving situation took a new turn over the weekend after a brutal new attack was reported out of Ukraine’s capital city.

According to VOA News, Russia launched a surprise barrage of missiles into Kyiv, with at least one apartment building being targeted in the attack.

The attack came after several weeks of a much quieter Kyiv, as Russian forces had all but pulled out of that part of Ukraine in order to focus on making gains on the eastern front.

The Russian missile attacks were devastating, and images of the destruction began pouring in across social media over the weekend.

Ukraine could soon get another massive helping hand from the United States, as Reuters reported that the Biden administration is likely to announce in the coming week that it will provide an advanced missile defense system for Ukraine.

Unfortunately for Ukraine, there haven’t been any serious mentions of new attempts at peace talks, meaning the invasion could go on for the foreseeable future.