Rumors build of a ‘mass exodus’ of WH staffers ahead of November midterms

There’s no need to beat around the bush at this point in time — anyone with a pulse knows that President Joe Biden, and his administration, are among the worst occupants of the White House in U.S. history.

From bad policy to poor decisions, to a mounting number of crises that seem to be ignored or unable to be brought under control, it’s no wonder why strong rumors are coming out of Capitol Hill that claims the president’s office will soon experience a “mass exodus” of staffers just before the midterms, when Dems are expected to lose big. 

The Daily Mail quoted an anonymous White House insider source as telling The Hill that a growing number of White House staffers feel “tapped out” by working for one of the least popular presidents to hold the office.

“It’s been a long few years,” the anonymous official reportedly told the Hill. “The burnout is real. It might not be the ideal time to leave with everything going on, but it’s the right time.”

The anonymous source explained that the timing might seem strange to some, but that leaving before the midterms hit is a lot easier than waiting until you’re “locked in” during the campaign season in the fall.

“It doesn’t look good,” another Democratic source said. “The perception from the outside is that it’s not the place you want to be. There’s a lot of finger-pointing going around right now. It doesn’t seem like it’s humming the way it should be.”

The latest buzz comes in the wake of a number of Black White House staffers leaving Biden’s employment.