Rose McGowan drops bombshell accusation about Gov. Newsom’s wife

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, to say the least, has not had a very good year. In addition to facing the potential of being recalled in an upcoming election, the embattled governor has a new scandal on his hands.

According to The Daily Wire, Charmed star Rose McGowan dropped a bombshell accusation during a recent interview concerning Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the governor’s wife, claiming that she tried to bribe her to drop sexual assault allegations McGowan made against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. 

It was during an interview with BlazeTV host Dave Rubin that McGowan, who kicked off the “#MeToo” movement with her accusations against Weinstein, that she revealed Jennifer Newsom called her roughly six months before Weinstein’s scandal went mainstream via a report in The New York Times.

McGowan recounted that during the call, the governor’s wife asked how much money it would take for McGowan to refuse to go on the record with her accusations when asked about them by the media.

The actress recalled that Jennifer Newsom called and asked for the two to meet. McGowan said when she arrived, she was “very creeped out.”

“So this woman I don’t know, some blonde lady with the last name Newsom, cold calls me and [says], ‘David Boies wants to know what it would take to make you happy,'” McGowan recalled, referring to the lawyer representing Weinstein — a lawyer who also once represented both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

McGowan, who has become politically active in recent years, doesn’t appear to be a big fan of the Newsoms, as she excoriated them in a recent Twitter post.

“I hope this recall goes through because California does not need you. The nation does not need you. The world does not need you. We do not need you,” McGowan wrote, after calling the governor a “fraud.”

Only time will tell if McGowan’s account of what happened between her and the Newsoms gets mainstream media traction, but given that the media is scrambling to protect the governor from being booted out of the governor’s mansion next week, it’s probably a safe bet to assume this scandal will be buried, much like the rest.