Ron DeSantis goes on Fox to blast biased CBS coverage

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” saying that the network was pushing a “political narrative” during their piece on him, according to Fox News

The CBS show in question carried a piece where one of their reporters asked the GOP governor questions about the ethics of allowing one of his campaign donors, the Publix chain, to be part of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  

When DeSantis explained that the details of the Publix contract were much less nefarious than the network was insinuating, those parts of the interview were clipped before the piece went to television. 

CBS isn’t the only network going after DeSantis, however. As Carlson pointed out it appears to be open season on the governor, likely due to the popularity of his state. In The Hill’s report on the ongoing controversy, they opened their report saying that DeSantis was “bolstering his position as a potential leading 2024 Republican presidential contender” with the very public conflict. 

The Florida governor explained to Carlson that in the areas where they were working the hardest to vaccinate the elderly, including Palm Beach County, which was the focal point of the controversy local leaders, including Democratic ones, calculated that around 90% of its senior citizen population lived within 1.5 miles of a Publix. 

That context was omitted from the “60 Minutes” report, however. 

“[What’s] lost in this is that we vaccinated now 3.5 million senior citizens, DeSantis told the Fox News host. “We’re the first state to say we’re doing seniors first. We’re not going to follow the CDC’s recommendation. What we have done has worked,” he said.

“They didn’t want to discuss that. Obviously, they selectively edited the background. They tried to act like there was a conspiracy with Publix.”

DeSantis went on to talk about other innovative plans they’d made to facilitate vaccine availability including “doing African American church [vaccine] drives before Publix gave a single shot.”

“They didn’t tell you that hospitals were doing shots starting in the third week of December — because it didn’t fit the narrative. They don’t believe in facts. It was a political narrative.”