Ron DeSantis goes on Fox to blast biased CBS coverage

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” saying that the network was pushing a “political narrative” during their piece on him, according to Fox News

The CBS show in question carried a piece where one of their reporters asked the GOP governor questions about the ethics of allowing one of his campaign donors, the Publix chain, to be part of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  

When DeSantis explained that the details of the Publix contract were much less nefarious than the network was insinuating, those parts of the interview were clipped before the piece went to television. 

CBS isn’t the only network going after DeSantis, however. As Carlson pointed out it appears to be open season on the governor, likely due to the popularity of his state. In The Hill’s report on the ongoing controversy, they opened their report saying that DeSantis was “bolstering his position as a potential leading 2024 Republican presidential contender” with the very public conflict. 

The Florida governor explained to Carlson that in the areas where they were working the hardest to vaccinate the elderly, including Palm Beach County, which was the focal point of the controversy local leaders, including Democratic ones, calculated that around 90% of its senior citizen population lived within 1.5 miles of a Publix. 

That context was omitted from the “60 Minutes” report, however. 

“[What’s] lost in this is that we vaccinated now 3.5 million senior citizens, DeSantis told the Fox News host. “We’re the first state to say we’re doing seniors first. We’re not going to follow the CDC’s recommendation. What we have done has worked,” he said.

“They didn’t want to discuss that. Obviously, they selectively edited the background. They tried to act like there was a conspiracy with Publix.”

DeSantis went on to talk about other innovative plans they’d made to facilitate vaccine availability including “doing African American church [vaccine] drives before Publix gave a single shot.”

“They didn’t tell you that hospitals were doing shots starting in the third week of December — because it didn’t fit the narrative. They don’t believe in facts. It was a political narrative.”

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    1. Ron your doing a great job. Dont listen to those morons who cant save their own states. Jealous kills. U got my vote. Your views r great for Americans who want to b free and live and love. Keep it up.

    2. I’m so proud of Ron DeSantis,, you do not let anyone get by with lies. That is what we need someone who doesn’t bend stands tall and put a stop to it, thanks.

    1. I love my Governor to ,Ron is the best Florida has ever had . I want to keep him here, we wouldn’t know who would get the office if he leaves Florida is flipping to red. We don’t need or want a Democrat in his office no he stays here for a while.

      1. I agree, DeSantis should wait, get re-elected as our Governor then run for President. There’s still much he can or could do for us here in Florida. Also, as serving a second term here, he would continue to build his strong Christian Conservative base throughout the U.S.A. He’s an “America First” kind of guy, honest and transparent, bold, and just like John Wayne toilet paper! LOL* Rough and tough and don’t take no crap off anybody.

        1. I hate to see him leave Florida behind because who knows what might come after him. Unless, of course, we can get Donald Trump or his namesake son to run for governor.

          1. We escaped a BULLET when we were smart enough not to vote for the druggie pervert Andy Gillam. God was with us!!!
            We, too, are pleased with our Governor. Of course, DEMONRATS hate him, cutting him to ribbons.

            Anyhow, are there things he could do better? You betcha’.
            Are there things he could do worse? You betcha!
            He’s a human being just as we are.

        2. He needs to build the conservative base up more. With the influx of the Northerners into Fla. They will be build towards flipping your state to blue. I heard Reports that some are being funded to move to Fla. And with the DemoCraps in charge watch and see where they try and put the next surge of “refugees ” or “migrants”( their new voting block )

          1. it never ceases to amaze me that the people who relocate to fl. bring the same mindset as where they came from. still believe in voting demon rat. if you like it so much, stay put. we dont want you here with those ideas. I served the people of the state of fl for over 25 yrs in Labor and Security. I worked with a lady from n.y. she was a supervisor and would handle all the hard to handle folks. her favorite saying to their faces was. “you know, I-75 runs northbound don’t you’? meaning, if you want it done like where you’re from, head the H—back there. she was a trip. we were always getting vacationers who had to file their transient u.c. claims while here. we had to follow the interstate agreement between states. we were always hearing, “they dont do it like that up wherever”. to which we would politely say, you aren’t there now, are you? you could always tell what state they were from when they got out of their cars. we were pretty good guessers. Hawaiian shirts, shorts in 50 degree weather, you know the type. it was hard work, but a lot of fun too.

      2. I agree Ron us the best now we need trump.back before 2024 ir our country is gone if it is not already gone never will I ever vote for a dem

  1. I’ve lived in Florida for 40 years. Ron DeSantis is probably the best Governor we’ve had the entire time I’ve been in Florida. I’m proud to call him my Governor!

  2. Why don’t all the States get together and stand up to the insanity in DC. If they all (of course except the mostly blue states) got together, maybe the abhorrent situation we find our country in could be reversed. Follow DeSantis’ and Texas’ lead. You can do it.

    1. Can we give California back to Mexico? Can we send the Canadians Vermont, Maine and New York? Gee, wouldn’t that be grand!!!

  3. I side with governor De Santis. All the critique him claim he is corrupt and expect him to be silenced? incredible they got elected, but it cements my belief that at least half (if u believe that) have been bamboozled and lied to and deceived and now they wil have to live with it without making any deceision. People like Budenharrisand the rest of them will cement so much power we will be a mediocre nation before they finish their run (meaning 4 years) joe started it harris will continue and watch who she chooses as her VP could be staciefat she seems to be as two sided as bidenandharris. so dont expect her to be middle of the line. But hey berniebros and racists bigots alphabet people and the new voters will keep them in power as they will giveaway money and stuff and remain in power until…. we literally run out of money

    1. Four years??? Not if we get the House and Senate back. Then we will IMPEACH 46 & 47 (Harris, if she gets that far)!!!

  4. “60 Minutes”, CBS’s founded as a bastion of honesty and integtity? HAHAHAHAHAHA! They are truly the gang that has NO CONCEPT of shooting strait. The only way they can get a audience is the TYPICAL LEFT WING LIES, MISREPRESENTATION, SLANDER and DECEIT!

  5. Katydid, well-spoken! I just hope other state’s governor’s take heed and find their backbones to do what’s right!
    If they want their states to become the best they can be, the governors need to lead them to greatness!!

  6. I am on the side De Santis because as I listen to him he makes common sense of what he has been doing. The “60”, CBS’s program in my opinion leaves things out or otherwise does not express his thoughts as he intended. He is being silent and thought of as some racial right conservtive and should be expelled. The Democrats are the ones that lie and try to get anyone with sense out of office. Please keep hanging on Governor De Santis , because the way this country is going all Republicans will have to move to Florida. I would vote for you any time.

  7. Tell CBS people to get a real job, one that actually benefits people and provides true news; Dog catcher daily gazette articles would be a good start.

  8. I live in the broken state of illinois,I wish that we had a responsible governor like Ron DeSantis,in fact I wish more of AMERICA had politicians like him.

  9. Ron DeSantis is awesome, doing a wonderful job. We in Michigan are envious but we have reason to feel that way, look at who our (Democratic) governor is……………a marxist who has only one goal and it doesn’t include the people or their voice. Sad, thinking of moving to Florida…..

  10. Ron Santas is a real governor , smart, honest and cares for his state. Compare him to Cuomo who is a mess, stupid and a murderer. Lots of blood on his hands. But fake news won’t report it. As for 60 minuets ( no more). They lie.

  11. Sorry to say, I saw the interview . Thought it was what happens when one doesn’t do their homework.

  12. I agree with William Dixom sue the heck out of them , 60 minutes and the CBS NBC MSNBC a bunch of sum bags i just can’t believe the biden bunch can get away with what they are doing he is more like a dictator than a president

  13. Our Florida governor has both a spine and a set. Unlike many of the cowards in congress who care more about keeping their free ride jobs.

  14. I say Bravo for standing up for himself and his state. I think he should run for president. I am sure the media will be on him like fleas on a dog. Keep up the good work

  15. He’s a ROCKSTAR!!!

    To see what CBS used to be, search for the 60 Minutes interview of George Soros. He’s still trying to wipe that off the internet but it will never die. You will see how really evil he is. Chuckles about Jews being put into rail cars. Seriously, you can tell WW2 was the best time he ever had.

  16. Glad to see so much reaction. Perhaps!!! We can get America back again to the Judeo/Christian traditions and honest approach to life. No more have lived better and achieved as much on their own as Americans. I think his military background gave the Governor the direction and strength to lead us as he has. I am very old, watched this nation bring the world back to sanity in the ’40’s and regret that this is no longer being taught or our own emerging into the world as the most free and open Nation. We must save this nation for all our progeny.

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