Ron DeSantis announces Florida will distribute one million at-home Covid-19 tests

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) destroyed President Biden by announcing that the state of Florida would be distributing one million at-home Covid-19 tests.

The huge announcement came after the White House made the insane claim that Governor DeSantis has been an obstacle to encouraging Americans to take precautions when it comes to combatting the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor DeSantis confirmed the plan to Fox News on Thursday and even went as far as to call out the Biden administration for not following through on its promise to deliver at-home Covid-19 tests.

Governor DeSantis said” “You know, the Biden administration promised they were going to send all these at-home tests. They said all you had to do was go online and get it. And nothing has happened in a month and a half with doing that. And so, we looked at it in Florida and say, you know, the point of matter is not every single person needs to be going out always getting tested. You have healthy people. That’s not a good strategy. But what is a good strategy is to have these at-home tests available for our vulnerable population.”

The strategy that Governor DeSantis is pursuing is a targeted approach that protects our most vulnerable while allowing the rest of the population to live a normal life.

Governor DeSantis continued saying, “We’ve embraced early treatments in Florida. So if you have somebody that’s elderly that may be vulnerable to COVID they can get a quick test in-home and don’t got to wait in line. And then if they’re positive they have the ability, potentially, to get treatments. Now, we would like to have more treatments, but the federal government is being very scarce with those, and so we’re fighting for more so that Floridians get what they need.”

Governor DeSantis’s moves seem to be direct counters to President Biden, setting the stage for a potential show-off in the 2024 presidential election.