Roe v. Wade leak exposes extreme hypocrisy within Democratic Party

In the hours since the leak of the century hit the headlines — referring to the Supreme Court draft resolution that was “leaked” to the press which revealed the high court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade — Democrats have once again exposed themselves as nothing less than hysterical hypocrites.

Every time the abortion topic makes waves, the pro-baby murdering liberals always spew talking points from the same book, with one of their primary arguments being that “men can’t make decisions about women’s bodies,” when, in fact, Roe v. Wade was a landmark decision issued by seven men in 1973. 

Of course, angry liberals conveniently never seem to mention that little tidbit of information.

Within just a few hours of the announcement of the bombshell SCOTUS decision leak, hordes of angry liberals formed in front of the Supreme Court building chanting yet another familiar phrase that only seems to be valid for topics that fits their narrative.

“My body, my choice!” they yelled, and have continued yelling, since Monday night.

But remember during the COVID-19 pandemic, when “my body, my choice” was absolutely not allowed when it came to an American citizen reasonably questioning the experimental vaccines that became available — it was either take the vaccine or be labeled a murdering, right-wing vaccine-denying extremist.

As the New York Post pointed out, Democrats have been perfectly happy with the high court “inventing” laws that the party otherwise couldn’t pass in Congress — that is, until the Supreme Court ended up with a strong conservative majority, thanks to former President Donald Trump.

Now, all of a sudden, the left — and their media allies — are working overtime to push court-packing, and to paint the SCOTUS justices as illegitimate and unable to make decisions that take away what the left labels as “constitutional rights.”

The Post’s editorial board summarized the situation best by writing about the left: “They will do the kind of things that, if conservatives did them, would warrant 20,000-word articles about how it was a ‘threat to democracy.'”