Rocket fire hits air base in Afghanistan amid start of US troop withdrawal

Last month, President Joe Biden announced that all American troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11 of this year, and events that took place on the ground there over the weekend are calling the wisdom of that decision into question.

According to the Washington Times, rocket strikes were launched Saturday on a U.S. air base in Kandahar, and forces were compelled to return fire, a situation that prompted chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark A. Milley, to warn of “bad possible outcomes” that could come once Biden’s planned troop withdrawal is completed.

In response to the assault on the air base, U.S. forces conducted a precision strike on forces believed to be plotting additional attacks in the area. While the Pentagon did not directly point the finger of blame at the Taliban, that group is widely thought to be responsible, the Times noted.

The outlet also reported that the weekend saw additional threats from Taliban officials to initiate attacks on American forces who remain in the region beyond May 1, the previous withdrawal deadline that was brokered in a deal between the group and former President Donald Trump early last year.

Gen. Milley’s remarks were in line with criticisms of Biden’s plan reportedly lobbed by a number of senior military officials and retired commanders, and he told reporters on Sunday that “there’s a range of scenarios here, a range of outcomes, a range of possibilities,” with some of them being “really dramatic, bad possible outcomes.”

As Fox News reported, the ranks of those concerned about a premature withdrawal from Afghanistan include none other than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who warned about the potential for “huge consequences” stemming from such a move.

During an interview on CNN, Clinton acknowledged that Biden’s was “a very difficult decision,” and that the situation in Afghanistan represents “what we call a wicked problem” that brings “consequences both foreseen and unintended of staying and leaving.” She specifically warned of a possible collapse of the capital city of Kabul and a subsequent Taliban takeover which could bring about a resurgence in terrorist activity all over the world.

Clinton added that “these two huge sets of issues have got to be addressed,” stating that “it’s one thing to pull out troops that have been supporting security in Afghanistan, supporting the Afgan military, leaving it pretty much to fend for itself. But we can’t afford to walk away from the consequences of that decision,” as Fox News noted.

Despite the growing number of highly-placed officials casting doubt on the advisability of a full troop withdrawal by early autumn, President Biden is holding firm to his decision, explaining during a speech to a joint session of Congress last week that what he referred to as a “forever war” in Afghanistan was not meant to be “a multigenerational undertaking of nation-building.” Time will tell whether he is making the right call.

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  1. They wanted us out Trump made a deal for us to leave. Biden extends the date for what reason we’ll never know. Point being if they are really withdrawing the taliban is getting what it wants. Why would they attack. Makes no sense at all. Don’t think we’re getting all the facts.


  3. This is all planned out by the SOB biden his SOB administration so they can keep are military over there in that S__t hole, this administration turns my stomach up side down, the worst in the history of this country.

  4. Biden is only transparent to our enemies. His telegraphed decisions endanger the lives of our troops.
    His decisions on the border endanger our national security. His tax decisions will wreck our economy.
    I hope we can make it to the finish line if this guy remains in charge.

  5. Ship Kerry, his kid and Hunter over there to keep guard and keep the peace. The can smoke up all they want with their good buddies the Taliban tribes

  6. Why is anyone surprised at Biden’s or any other Marxist Commie demoncrat decisions on military? They are the elite and as “elite” what could go wrong?

    Look at how there is “no crisis” at our southern border. It’s perfect for fitting the take-over for the Marxist doctrine.

  7. Biden (or his handlers) have to know what will happen with a fixed date to withdraw. It could be a move expecting the Taliban, Al Qiada or Isis to launch major attacks giving Biden the excuse to escalate our military presence there and tighten the controls on our freedoms here to protect against terror attacks within the United States.

  8. Only idiots telegraph their military plans before they do them. Cary should be in Jail for Treason, that’s what he was doing is. Biden is a buffoon being guided by buffoons. Lord please deliver us from evil and stupidity.

    1. Agree! and we should make the place a desert before we leave! Nuke all the Taliban areas. I realize there will be innocent folks killed but we cannot screw around!

      1. Just do as President Truman did to end the 2nd world war with Japan. And yes there were innocent people killed. Wherever there is a war you will have innocent people killed.

    2. They are not buffoons, they know exactly what they are doing, make no mistake about that, their evil is beyond comprehension for the ordinary person to fathom, what you are witnessing at this time in your life is the blatant manifestation of evil incarnate when you look at what you have in the White House.

  9. Now we’ll be back to square one and lose everything we’ve gained, especially in the deaths of our soldiers which will be now in vain. Biden is ruining our country, as we sit and watch the proliferation of our enemies in force again. Not surprising with Biden at the wheel.

  10. I don’t understand why this attack comes as a surprise, anyone with half a brain knew that the Taliban would start doing ting like this, it would not surprise me if they took the country over again once we are gone

  11. Well if we are going to leave there is no need to bring our bombs and missals home. Let’s give the Taliban a fireworks show they will never forget!

  12. I am a Conservative, and a Republican Patriot. But on this count, i have to side with our nemises, the Clinton bunch. Hillary is correct. The consequences for the post Afghanistan conflict, will be too high to bear. If we move out and leave a small contingency, we had better be ready to have radical terrorism all over again. It will be really bad.
    The United States sometimes in its haste to act before reasoning out the action, has made many mistakes in the past. Hence Vietnam withdrawal. As a 3 tour Vietnam Marine veteran, i knew we had done the wrong thing in leaving. We can’t fight wars with civilians leading and making the dumb choices from behind their nice offices, and comfortable settings.
    I preached that President Bush had called the wrong target after 9/11. Our enemy was in Afghanistan. They attacked us. Not the Iraquis. Once we ran over them, over the Kuwait takeover by Hussein and his demons, it was a win for us. We had no business disturbing the beast that we fight now. In all the time we had wasted in Iraq, our outcome in Afghanistan would have gotten the conflict done and settled in Afghanistan. We had no business in Iraq. Hussein had his country under strict dictatorship, and did not cause any major problems after the Kuwait invasion which was brought to an end very quickly. All the problems with the terrorist activities, started when Hussein and Qaddafi were executed. They both had control of their people, and the region. Afghanistan should have taken up all our focus. I believe that we wouldn’t have been there for 20 years. We could have mustered all our efforts there, and we should have aggressively taken the whole country. And then we could have demanded that those countries that border Afghanistan, send their military to keep their borders secured.
    America has not won a war since WWII, and that is a blemish on our politicians who don’t know how to fight wars. They should let the military run the wars. Idiots in the White House don’t have the mindset nor the heart to win wars. Our military does. We had Vietnam won, but a liberal coward came back home from a campaign, and told America, we couldn’t win. He was a coward liberal and worthless news contributor who wanted America to fail in Vietnam. Even the great Gen Giap said that America would have won, had the politician not made us bug out. America has lost face because of our politicians running the wars. Our military should not listen to them.
    Veterans from every conflict since WWII, should walk with our heads held high. The blame goes to those who tell us to lose.

    1. Manuel – I am also a Vietnam Veteran, and I agree with you. Unfortunately, the only way to win a war is to be more brutal than your foe. We could put an end to this, but at what cost to everyone in money and life. I picture the Taliban being much like the Vietcong. The Afghan military should take care of this. Let them be the ones who kill the Taliban and the Afghan citizens. It has to happen, but it’s the responsibility of the Afghan government.

      1. I agree with you. Damned if you do….Damned if you don’t ….We need to force these countries to take care of their own business. How many centuries must we pay to be the PEACE KEEPERS
        for an UNTHANKFUL world. I’m 75 and I’m tired of being the the Good BADGUY.

    2. The coward you mention is still at it selling secrets about Israel to Iran… He should be tried for treason but sadly the present GOP does not have the stones to really go after him.

    3. It seems that every time America has to be humiliated it is because of a liberal buffoon sticking their noses into issues for the wrong reasons and we have to suffer from it. Kerry should have kept his nose out of Hanoi with Jane. Hillary and Obama out of Libya, and so on.

    4. By siding with your nemeses, you give a clear indication that your mindset should be questioned, The real question is if Biden had held up to the deal that President Trump and the Taleban agreed to the troops would be home now, AND WHAT THE TELABAN DO AFTER THE TROOPS ARE HOME, WOULD BE ON THEM, but now that bobblehead Biden and his cohorts including that DISGUSTING EXCUSE CLINTON, whom I`m pretty sure is behind all that Biden does, is just salivating at the thought of keeping the opium lines open and the wars continuing. Man if you can`t see all of that than there is a bridge that runs between the mainland and Alcatraz I`d like to sell you!!

      1. We made a decision to remain with a force that could contain a status quo and it was working. Now our new leader seems to think a total pull out is in order. Politics. This is a military issue as well as geo-political. It is working, although not perfect. I have not heard anything from the Afgan side. They have a major stake in this. We could be opening the door for a much bigger problem. Now is not the time for knee jerk political decisions.

  13. Biden and company don’t have any idea how to deal with this. It should be interesting to see what the media have to say.

    1. Follow-up … I just read an article on this, and my opinion hasn’t changed. Of course Biden and company will say this is Trump’s fault, but the Taliban’s position is that the US negated the original agreement by extending the withdrawal until 9/11/2021. OMG, what will Biden do now???

    2. I guess no one remembers ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’. We had a great start in Afghanistan and then the Politicians F’d it up!! Truer words were never said. History if not remembered will and can come back and bite you in the butt!!😤🤬

    3. What media.
      If there was a media this situation would not have gotten this far. Trump would be President and these fools would be forgotten.


      1. There’s not enough adjectives in the dictionary or the universe to describe the worthless, feckless, lying, cheating, thieving, braindead, lunatic, idiot, called biden.

      2. There’s not enough adjectives in the dictionary or the universe to describe the worthless, feckless, lying, cheating, thieving, braindead, lunatic, idiot, called biden.

      3. and He is also the anti-Christ along with Big Tech, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Obama and the list goes on!

      4. He’ll have a war here in the states. He is completely incompetent to a leader of this country. This whole Administration is to destroy what President Trump accomplished and gain power. Their decisions have put this country in danger and we have No idea what to expect next. Its insane.

    2. Biden’s got a history of making bad decisions. If it were up to him, Osama Bin Laden would still be around running loose.
      All you need to do is; any decision that he makes, do the opposite and that would be the right move.

    3. Just another example of WEAK leadership. His Forien policy is about as bad as one can get. After 50 years of being in government he should know better then negotiate with terrorists. Giving Iran billions of dollars to come to the negotiating table is giving every country the open door to attack Americans. Those countries Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and the Terrorist groups are laughing and mocking him. Trump stood up to them and knew he wasn’t playing. God help us for what this lunatic of a president will do.

    4. We should send the ILLEGAL ALIENS to AFGHANISTAN!!
      NOBODY would worry about how soon to pull them out of there!!

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