Rob O’Neill, the SEAL who ended bin Laden, hints at running for office

During and in the wake of President Joe Biden’s botched troop withdrawal from Afghanistan that turned into an absolute nightmare for the United States, a number of U.S. military veteran, especially those from the special operations community stepped up in big ways and made their thoughts known.

One of those is former U.S. Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill — the commando who, during a 2011 raid in Pakistan, introduced al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden to his maker with the tap of a trigger. Having become a popular media figure, O’Neill now seems to be hinting at a possible career in politics, according to the Washington Examiner

O’Neill, who has used his platform on media networks like Fox News to share his thoughts on Biden’s Afghanistan disaster, revealed in a string of tweets earlier this month that he’s at least entertaining the idea of running for office.

In the first tweet, O’Neill asked his followers a simple question. “Our great nation needs real leaders. I might get back in the fight. Thoughts?” he wrote.

He went on to tell his followers — and anyone else paying attention — where he stands as far as party affiliation, which he claimed to be “American.”

“I’m not a republican. I’m not a democrat. I’m an American. So are you,” the former SEAL said. “Politicians think you are stupid.”

O’Neill, a prolific tweeter, has shared his thoughts on a wide range of political topics, including more recently the idea of vaccination mandates. O’Neill said that while he’s not against the COVID-19 vaccine, he stands firmly against the idea of forcing it into Americans’ arms.

While O’Neill isn’t expected to formally declare a run for some level of political office, given his large following and popularity — not to mention the fact that he was responsible for eliminating the world’s most dangerous terrorist — it’s not a stretch to presume that he could very well take the politics route in the future.