Rich Noyes of Media Research Center, NewsBusters announces retirement

The end of an era in conservative media is nigh, as the Media Research Center (MRC) and NewsBusters have announced that research director Rich Noyes has decided to retire after an impressive 22 years of service, according to the Washington Examiner.

In confirming his imminent departure, Noyes – well-known for exposing former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s lie about having dodged bullets amid sniper fire in Bosnia – indicated that he was “looking forward to paying (hopefully) a LOT less attention to the news media in the years to come.”

During his time as the MRC’s research guru, Noyes was responsible for overseeing the group’s long-term studies on liberal bias in the mainstream media, according to a biography posted on the website.

Noyes’ role at the linked organizations led to frequent appearances on cable news networks including Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, as well as a number of talk radio programs heard across the country. In addition, he has written articles that have achieved publication in the New York Post, Roll Call, Human Events, Investor’s Business Daily, and a host of other outlets.

The retiring media analyst is also known for authoring a book entitled The Media Elite: America’s New Powerbrokers back in 1986, a volume noted for its importance as an early guide to the then-burgeoning field of in-depth media bias analysis.

In something of a farewell to Noyes, the Oct. 1 episode of the NewsBusters Podcast took on the format of a sort of exit interview in which host Tim Graham sought his colleague’s impressions of how the media have changed over the decades.

After leading off the broadcast by saying, “We regret to inform you that we are losing a beloved staff member,” Graham jocularly noted that Noyes was “retiring early, let’s note, because he can,” before reciting some of his co-worker’s noteworthy achievements over the years.

In reminiscing about, among other things, the 2020 election cycle, the interference in which the liberal media engaged, and the potentially lasting effects of that intervention, Noyes lamented, “When the media lead an effort to cast half of society as deplorable, you shouldn’t be surprised when the same people who have been repeatedly insulted don’t accept the media’s facts as truth.”

Stating that he was leaving his former responsibilities in more than capable hands, Noyes noted his belief that “We still have a valuable role to play” and that he is “very glad we are going to keep doing all of this after I’m gone,” further opining that under the expert guidance of newly-named research director Scott Whitlock, NewsBusters’ critical work of shining a spotlight on the most egregious examples of liberal media bias will continue uninterrupted.