Republicans doom Biden’s pick for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

President Joe Biden’s nominee for the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives was unanimously opposed by Senate Republicans, according to The Washington Examiner

Republicans’ firm stance against ATF nominee David Chipman ensures that he will remain unconfirmed at least until some unconvinced Democrats make a decision. 

The progressive candidate has polarized not only Republicans but some of the more moderate Democrats in Congress’s upper chamber, leaving the Biden administration without the needed support to push the candidate through. 

While Democrats have the needed 50 votes to confirm Chipman with a tie being broken by the Vice President, they would need every last one of those votes to push the nomination through.

For a time, it was thought that a few Republicans might vote for the nominee, however, Chipman’s opinions on key issues alienated him from votes he desperately needed to be confirmed

“I can’t think of a single Republican, at this point, who I would expect to lose on that,” Senate Minority Whip and chief vote-counter John Thune, a South Dakota Republican, said Tuesday.

The nominee is known to be a gun control advocate, supporting the kind of legislation that makes him very unpopular in pro-gun states. 

“We haven’t whipped it, but he seems to be so far from the mainstream that he’s got problems even among some Democrats,” Thune said.

So far the Democrats holding out against the nominee are Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, and Jon Tester, of Montana.

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Newa (@guest_381950)
19 days ago

Pelosi is the most dishonest low life politician

vhiwatr (@guest_382021)
Reply to  Newa
19 days ago

She is above the idiot Trump. He is as dumb as a rock.

Joseph Freije (@guest_381884)
20 days ago

The dems are largely loud mouthed arrogant morons who are beyond being totally obnoxious (want to see or talk about their colons? Want to hear some gay twang selling “rainbow” colored candy?) Or do you prefer to see a lesbian selling super sized maxi-pads? Yea, on your big screen tv powered by 5G. Meanwhile, repubs are praying and waiting for a dead man to come back and save the world from self-destruction. Can YOU afford a bomb shelter? If not, good luck.

graceythecat (@guest_381861)
20 days ago

There is still hope for our nation if the communist democrat cult can be destroyed! Don’t drink their Kool-Aid!

Nick Cignetti (@guest_381808)
20 days ago

If it goes like it usually does with the DNC they will all fall in lockstep with the rest of the fools in the DNC. Business as usual. Very few of the DNC have an original thought and fall in step with the rest of the jackasses.

EvaAdams (@guest_381779)
21 days ago

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cozycalico (@guest_381804)
Reply to  EvaAdams
20 days ago

That is not a comment! That is an ad-good grief! Are you that stupid???

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