Republican nominee bashed Karl Rove during an appearance on Fox News

Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Ohio J.D. Vance appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday after securing the Republican nomination. 

According to Mediaite, the political outsider trashed Fox News contributor and former George W. Bush adviser, Karl Rove during his appearance.

During the interview Carlson noted that the candidate was previously critical of former President Donald Trump who eventually endorsed the candidate.

“What’s so interesting is that the rap against you was that you were a fraud,” said Tucker Carlson.

“‘J.D. Vance was skeptical of Trump, now he’s all-in on Trump’s agenda.’ But if you were a fraud, they would’ve sent you money. My impression was they hated you because they suspected you were sincere.”

Vance agreed with the assessment from Clarson before saying that Carlson is “exactly right, Tucker,” and then took a shot at Rove.

“If you think of some of my biggest enemies in this primary – you know the slimeball Karl Rove, who shipped a lot of American jobs overseas and got rich in the process, and also sent a lot of Americans to die in stupid conflicts,” Vance said.

“You know, Karl Rove spent a lot of money, he wrote a lot of op-eds criticizing my candidacy, even called my donors after Trump endorsed me, encouraging them to drop my campaign.”

“So, in a lot of ways the what this revealed is that you have some very corrupt political consultants in the Republican Party who despise their own voters,” which caused Carlson to replied that, “Yeah. Honesty is the essence I think of what people want.”

Rove has been a Fox News contributor since 2008.