Reports suggest Manchin could exit the Dem Party, switch to independent status

On the heels of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) dropping a Christmas bomb on his party and President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation, many have already raised questions regarding the possibility of a Democratic Party exit for the moderate senator.

According to an Axios report that asked that very question, the consensus is that it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Manchin could, in fact, leave the Democratic Party for good. His actions on a number of Dem-led pieces of legislation and policy ideas certainly tend to suggest such an action.

However, Axios noted that it would be unlikely for Manchin to go from a Democrat to a Republican. Instead, it would be more likely that Manchin switch to independent status, which would more closely match his political leanings, at least at the current time.

Axios gleaned the information from sources reportedly close to Manchin, who have insight on what the moderate West Virginia senator might consider in the coming weeks.

It should be noted that Manchin has been asked in the past about the possibility of leaving his party, given that he’s been a hold-out on a number of Biden’s bills, to varying degrees. He previous dismissed such rumors as fake news, though that was before he completely tanked the White House’s entire legislative agenda in the course of one Fox News interview on Sunday.

During the Fox interview in which he informed host Bret Baier that he was a solid “no” vote on Biden’s Build Back Better Act, Manchin also shot down any notion that he would be on board with Democrats who want to nuke the Senate filibuster rule.

Though Manchin would likely caucus with Democrats even as an independent senator, his hypothetical exit from the party would have massive implications in the coming midterm election year, giving Republicans an even better chance of capturing majority control of both the House and Senate.

However, given the way Manchin was brutally attacked and mocked by his Democratic colleagues in the wake of his bombshell announcement about BBB, nobody can blame the guy for wanting out. They showed their true colors, and it wasn’t pretty.

Rumors continued to build on Tuesday of a possible party exit, though only time will tell if Manchin once again shocks and awes his party with what would undoubtedly be a monumental shake-up on Capitol Hill.