Reports: Soros-affiliated dark money groups funding push to pack SCOTUS

Recent moves from the left to add seats to the highest court in the land have raised serious red flags among conservatives, and the identities of the political operatives working behind the scenes of that push offer even greater cause for concern.

As Fox News reports, a collection of left-wing dark money groups – including some with close ties to progressive billionaire George Soros – is channeling massive amounts of funding to those working to expand the size of the U.S. Supreme Court from nine seats to 13.

Earlier this month, Democrat lawmakers led by Sen. Ed Markey (MA) and Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY) announced plans to introduce legislation that would grow the size of the court and, presumably, fill the newly-created seats with liberal jurists. They were joined at the event by members of Demand Justice, Indivisible, and Take Back the Court, advocacy groups working to reverse the impact of Trump administration appointments to the federal judiciary.

What many view as especially problematic is the fact that the aforementioned organizations fall under the category of “dark money” groups that receive funding from anonymous donors, something which critics say allows them to disguise precisely who is behind their activities, as Fox News noted.

Demand Justice, for example, is headed by Brian Fallon, a former top aide to Hillary Clinton who is also closely affiliated with the Democracy Alliance group co-founded by Soros. Indeed, the Open Society Policy Center, part of Soros’ lobbying network, gave $2.6 million to Demand Justice in its earliest days.

According to Fox News, the group is shrouded in deep secrecy in that it is an offshoot of the Sixteen Thirty Fund, an entity that lends its legal and tax status to organizations that wish to sidestep public filing requirements. That Fund is itself managed by a consulting firm, Arabella Advisors, which played a major role in amassing over $700 million in dark money donations for far-left causes and candidates in 2019.

The Washington Examiner reported that Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY), a co-sponsor of the court-packing proposal unveiled by Sen. Markey and Rep. Nadler, has collaborated with the American Constitution Society, another advocacy group funded by dark, Soros-connected money which is pushing for expansion of the Supreme Court as well as packing of the lower federal court bench.

In a rhetorical flourish that was particularly insulting to the electorate given his own recent association with nebulous funding sources, Jones declared that the U.S. Supreme Court “invited a torrent of dark money to flood our electoral process and set the stage for billionaires and special interests to control our politics,” as the Examiner noted. His characterization is especially egregious considering that a recent analysis conducted by Americans for Public Trust revealed that conservative groups were outspent by left-wing dark money groups by a margin of 5-1 in 2020.

Considering the deluge of Soros-backed dark money dollars being poured into Democrats’ court-packing initiatives and their threats to eliminate the filibuster’s procedural safeguards, Republicans find themselves increasingly at the mercy of one or two moderate senators from the other side of the aisle who may represent their only hope of successful resistance.

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    1. Why don’t they send him back to his own country. Maybe they should impeach nadler,market for taking dark money. There is a whole lot of personal who have made a lot of money from Soros. He has enough money he can buy almost any or all, and has, like the election.

      1. Don’t send Soros back to his own country he would just keep doing the same evil from Hungary. He and all communist demoncrats must be DOA!!

        1. George tried to do the same there[Hungary] that he’s doing here. And Putin isn’t too fond of him either. No office holder should accept money from him, especially because he claims to have given up his citizenship. When Hillary Clinton lost to President Trump, Mr. sores lost billions.

      2. Why isn’t Soros in prison?? Is it because he is paying our Government?? I know Soros was behind Trump not getting elected! Soros’ is paying the Democrate party and the Media to go against this country and if something isn’t done to him very soon we will be living in a Communist country! Our Government has to stop taking bribes from Soros and go after him, the FBI must arrest him and charge him as a terrorist! Hopefully he is not bribeing them!

        1. You are so correct.Everyone knows he is behind the fake media,corrupt govt,riots and anything to destroy our country which is treasonous yet no one of authority say a thing about it,much less act on it.I would like to really know how he got so wealthy ,thus powerful.

      1. Now we all know why Garland would have made a terrible Supreme Court Justice. His actions so far as the AG proves he’s just another Democratic hack. Thank God he didn’t make it to the Supreme Court. Can’t wIt until all these losers are thrown out of government.

        1. Sad, but it looks like we’ll never see them thrown out, unless Almighty God listens to all our prayers and steps in to help us. I do, however, keep hearing Prophets declaring that God IS about to answer our prayers, and give the Presidency back to Donald Trump soon. That doesn’t look very good for all the thieves who stole the election, including Biden and Harris.

    2. Why hasn’t he been already? We have sat here for over a decade and watched Hillary, Obama, Soros, and others avoid arrest and punishment for crimes we all know they committed. Yet, they attack President Trump and now his supporters for doing nothing but loving America and working together to make it better for everyone.

      1. They don’t avoid arrest. They live under another code of Justice being protected by the Federal Government

    3. Hungry is looking for him.If he ever returns he will be arrested.He is like JUDAS who turned in Jesus to the Roman Emperor in Jerusalem.I wonder how much the Gestapo paid him to confiscate Jewish property during WWII.

    4. Soros is a trouble maker and an anti Semite. He is wanted in Hurray for war crimes going back to WW2. Why is he still here. He’s nothing but trouble and waves around money to any democrat who will take it. Sick and tired of him trying to change America into something no one really wants.

      1. You are so right.He may be the anti christ the Bible speaks of.All the democrats worship him for the money he hold in front of him.

    5. He needs to be executed mafia style!!!!!
      DUMBOCRATS are cheaters(election 2020), idiots and LIARS!!!!!!

    6. WHY isn’t SOROS in jail, he is supplying money to the Antifa and BLM, these people are looting, burning, killing because Soros is paying their way!!!! Get him in cuffs and ship to the country he is wanted in, if the U S is too connected to do something here!!!!

  1. I can’t understand how a Hungarian who fled his homeland to avoid the Russian pogroms and made billions using the freedoms allowed him by the USA Constitution and laws can be such a confirmed enemy of the land that made him so powerful and rich, embracing the tenets of Marxism and pouring dark money into the pockets of rioters, revolutionaries, and left-wing politicians. The view must be very different from his pinnacle of wealth, and he doesn’t seem to see the evil and disintegration his actions are causing.

    1. he was rich before he was banished from Europe for ruining banking systems and destroying lives there. read about this pirrhana. no one wants him. we keep him to enrich the blm and antifa thugs, and the demon rat party.

  2. Surprise,surprise,surprise…Judgement will come to this man .There is a God .This battle is spiritual ,good against evil.We keep praying and we are led by God and His angels are fighting with us

    1. Very much a spiritual battle between good and evil, Pollky. And if people don’t get right with God and obey him, worse things are coming. In the end though, when all is said and done…God will win out, and the Millennium begins.

  3. George Soros and the Democrats don’t know anybody anything about Justice or honesty they want to control everything and I think money is it Joy of everything they’re doing everything dishonest to this country is a sauce pecan the deja and faithful to turn their backs on the Democrats those are not going to get.

  4. Of course he is behind this and quite a few other evil schemes we are watching happen. At least I suspect so. everyday I am hounded to stop these schemes with donations. I don’t have the soros millions and in my opinion we have thrown money at these travesties and is it working? No, and the only thing that will work is to get a bunch more leaders like DeSantis, Noem, and the like to DO Something. We are not being lead by anyone that isn’t afraid of the commies. I am totally disappointed in my country.

    1. I agreed. We need leaders we can stand up for our country!!!!!!! Otherwise it’s just talking and no actions will not change anything.


  6. Constantly amazed at the dishonest, anti-American issues that keep being raised. Cannot believe that we have a joke of a president who keeps doing all he can to wipe out any good that Trump did. Trump may be vocal and rude but at least he cared about the country and its people. Soros wants this to be a one government world. Do you really want to be a communist with no right to say what you think, bear arms to protect yourself and be at the mercy of a bunch of evil, sick criminals. It has seemed like we are living in the Twilight Zone for some time now and it scares me because the criminals continue to win at the expense of hard-working Americans. I have no beef with illegals but right now, we cannot even take care of our own and I do not want any more criminals or sick immigrants being allowed access to our country. Tired of paying money to help fight this dishonesty but the game keeps on with the powers that be continuing to pretend that Trump lost the election and other lies and meantime, the mad dog press keeps telling us more outrageous stories. Maxine Waters should be in jail for her behavior in Minnesota and in California and you know if Trump had done that he would have been impeached. Keep supporting the good guys but the situation is depressing and scarey!!

  7. Be aware that this site is a very Liberal site that rejects the TRUTH when tendered, even with proof of content……

  8. yeah, I noticed that too, a while back. can’t take the truth. gates, sucker berg, Clinton, soros, bought and paid for the 2020 demon rat elections. soros funded blm and antifa also. these are facts that were all over the internet, as well as newspaper articles. I don’t post here much, because I thought your opinion was wanted, not theirs….

  9. The SCOTUS is the last branch of the Federal government that Soros needs to take control of. He has already bought off the Executive branch and enough Congressmen and Senators. If he takes over the Supreme Court, we will be a banana republic run by a Nazi dictator.

  10. Oh Really? Of Course! Soro’s is the Puppet for the Central Banks. Absolutely GUILTY of Destruction of our Country. Time to Follow the Money. Many Politicians down to the local level’s on both sides have been bought & paid WHORES! TRAITORS to AMERICA! He has been kicked out of at least 6 other Countries! Time he is held accountable & GITMO BOUND! PERIOD!

  11. Why does George Soros have any influence in America. He is banned from his own home country and several other countries in Europe. Why isn’t he banned from the United States? And why can he use his money to influence our politics? I guess money talks whether it is dirty money or not. And anything George Soros is dirty.

  12. Soros had always been behind several groups that we are familiar with. Why the fuss all of a sudden. He is the one who bankrupted Greece’s government. He is a Jew turned German under the reich who changed his name and tries to destroy government s then buy them back read the book “Shadow government” explains his methods.

  13. Time for that Nazi bas***d to be put down and kicked out of the US.
    He should not be allowed to have any transactions in this country and
    nothing to do with any organizations. If he puts in any money it needs
    to be confiscated. I know until the LEFTIST are removed from our government
    he will not be stopped. But when the Conservatives get back into power
    getting rid of Soros in every aspect of this country should be a top priority.
    The people should not be allowed to influence anything in America. He
    should have his US citizenship revoked and he should be banned from any
    actions in this country. He is evil and a detriment to our society.

  14. I believe it is a crime when some SLIME BALL like Soros is involved in an attempt to subvert the U.S Government. If so, why hasn’t this LOW LIFE

    Been prosecuted?

  15. Most of the top Democratic Officials are also corrupt, And Soros slivered his way in using his wealth, That is why nothing will get done in the eyes of Justice under this Administration. The only recourse we have is to vote them out of office. Senate race is comming up. Hope the people vote the right ones into office and gain back the house.
    I believe there’s a better way of voting process that will eliminate any voter fraud. We the people need to tell our party leaders how we want the voting procedures to be, to ensure a clean and fair elections. Leaving this simple task to the left to decide will be unexceptionable.
    We the people need to let senators know we do not want any of the previous voting machines used in any Federal Elections. I also believe that the handling of the election should be done by the National Guard, due to the screw ups that occurred by a political party the last time around.

  16. Biden I think you should give up the 4 th of july and fix what you messed up for the children and us Americans. I will check after our party on the 4th of july. It is my sons birthday so it should be wild. Fyi ni Independence Day for you. Send the children back to their mothers.

  17. AMERICA FOR SALE!! Want to buy an election, no problem. Want to buy a Congressman, no problem. Want to buy a Presidency, no problem. Anything you want and it’s yours for the right price. Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Devotion, Honesty, Patriotism, all gone for the right price. Don’t believe me? Ask Soros, Gates, Rothchilds or Zuckerberg to see if anyone of them would “stop at nothing” to get want they wanted.

  18. If we had a justice system George Soros would have been in prison for a long time because of the treasonest things he has done to this country. The so called justice system from the Supreme Court all the way down to the rent a cop in the Congress parking garage can’t do any thang because the Polititans own them. When GOD comes back there will be a lot of wailing and mashing of teeth when GOD starts carring out justice that is long over due. I am sure there is plenty room in HELL for all of them. THE dEVEL IS WAITING WITH OPEN ARMS TO WELCOME THEM IN, and Soros will be leading the pack.

  19. Soros is a man who only wants to see America fall. He has many Democrats taking his money and corporations as well. His only aim is to take over in any way he can and with his money there are a number of people who will let him for some of his money. Then they’ll cry “I didn’t know”. Too late buttercup. The damage will be done.

    It’s a shame we have so many greedy and stupid people in power. but then again it’s a shame so many voted them in to power.

  20. The USA Congress likes his money, his payments and we should have, as other countries have done: Declared him a Terrorist. He is, and he owns the Democrats and some of the RINOS.

  21. Just how in the hell does one go from Nazi Extermination camp guard to one of the highest demonRAT officials in the pahhhty ?

  22. I can tell you that Soros was a snitch in his own country by turning in his own family and friends to the German gestopo(authorities) He should have been treated the same as the German officer with death or prisoned for life without any possible chance for Freedom.

  23. Why in the frig don’t we do something about this traitor? This guy wants to rule the world with the other rich A Hols.

  24. I don’t know why they don’t freeze his accounts and then confiscate the money.
    Soros has done so much damage to our country and he’s going to keep on doing damage

  25. Right now the only thing that stands in the way is the SCOTUS so of course the democrats what to pack it with liberal judges which is a very bad thing to happen

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