Reports paint picture of Biden White House in disarray, riddled with internal strife

As President Joe Biden’s approval numbers go further into the tank, reports are emerging of a White House in total disarray, where internal disagreements about how he can best communicate with the American people are being blamed for the commander in chief’s declining fortunes, as the New York Post reports.

As tension mounts over a predicted Republican wave in the November midterms, finger pointing among White House staffers is ramping up considerably, according to a the outlet, citing a recent report from CNN.

With mainstream national media showing less and less interest in Biden’s typically formal, scripted appearances, one administration insider explained, “You are thinking, why are we doing this?”

Among White House aides who are considerably younger than members of Biden’s inner circle, many of whom have been with him for decades, there is an urgent need to shake things up and allow for more genuine communication between the president and the citizenry.

Referring to Biden’s regular appearances from a bizarre set constructed in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building that often utilizes digital backgrounds, one source said in exasperation, “World’s most interactive man and we’re going to have him conduct the presidency from the set of Jeopardy!.”

Adding to the challenges mounting within the administration are reports that Biden himself has expressed irritation over the fact that White House staffers have repeatedly walked back statements he has made on a number of key issues, as he believes it undermines his authority and quashes the personal authenticity he views as critical to his appeal.

It is not just administration insiders indicating their alarm over the current state of affairs, as Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), who helped catapult Biden to the Democrat Party nomination in 2020 with his coveted endorsement, recently declared, “I don’t know what’s required here. But I do know the poll numbers have been stuck where they are for far too long.”

As such, speculation has begun swirling that there could be a shakeup coming among top White House personnel that could potentially include the departure of chief of staff Ron Klain, among others.

While it is certainly understandable for Biden supporters inside the administration to view the issue as primarily one of messaging, many more on the outside seem to have reached the inescapable conclusion that in the midst of sky rocketing inflation, record high gas prices, a baby formula shortage, and any number of other disasters, the president’s policies, partisanship, and competency are where the true problems lie.