Reports: Growing number of Dems prepared to buck Biden on decision to lift Title 42

With the Biden administration poised to lift the Title 42 pandemic measure that facilitated rapid expulsion of migrants at the border, Democrats in increasing numbers are turning on the president and expressing concern about the move, with some even offering to work with Republicans to extend the measure in exchange for other immigration-related concessions, as Breitbart reports.

The administration recently announced that the Title 42 order would be lifted as of May 23, a decision that led to widespread concern that it would unleash an unmanageable surge at the border, with the White House itself admitting possibility that upwards of 18,000 migrants per day would seek entry as a result.

With the effective date of the administration’s determination on Title 42 drawing nearer, a rising chorus of voices from Biden’s own party are calling for the measure to be extended at least until a plan to deal with the expected surge could be put into place, as Fox News has noted.

Earlier this month, a group of prominent Democrats, including Sens. Mark Kelly (AZ), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), Maggie Hassan (NH), Jon Tester (MT) and Joe Manchin (WV) lent their support to a a Republican proposal to extend the measure for another 60 days and to force the administration to come up with a plan to address the massive numbers of new arrivals certain to make their way north.

As Breitbart notes, some Democrats have signaled a readiness to join forces with the GOP in opposing the end of Title 42, but have hinted that such support may be contingent on Republican openness to additional avenues of legal immigration.

Remarking on that current state of affairs was Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies, who said, “I don’t think there’s any incentive for the Republicans to deal. The Republicans know enough to insist on a clean extension of Title 42, not one encumbered with the Democrats’ wish list items.”

“The Democrats might think that they could get something in exchange for allowing a Title 42 extension. But I think it would be a miscalculation. I don’t think it’s a good look for them to be trying to put a price on Title 42 extension when most of the public wants it extended,” Vaughan added.

There have, however, been hints from some Republicans that there may be room for negotiation when it comes to permitting new levels of legal immigration if Title 42 is extended, with Sen. John Cornyn (TX) among them, according to a recent tweet in which he called the sort of reforms Democrats have pitched “smart policy and smart politics.”

As of now, the Biden administration is standing firm on May 23 as the date on which Title 42 will end, but it remains to be seen whether pressure from Democrats, sinking poll numbers on immigration, or some other force will serve to scuttle what has turned out to be an extremely unpopular decision.