REPORT: Ukrainian Prosecutor General refused to investigate Hunter Biden

Former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka told BuzzFeed News that he refused to investigate President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and he believes it led to him being fired from his position last year, according to The Hill.

Ryaboshapka said when speaking to BuzzFeed that in the transcript of a call between former President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and Andriy Yermak, chief of staff to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, he believed there was proof he was fired for political reasons. 

“It reveals an important detail,” Ryaboshapka told BuzzFeed. “Yermak promised Giuliani to open an investigation into Hunter Biden.”

Giuliani and other Trump-aligned attorneys were involved in the former president’s efforts to prove that the Biden family should not be allowed to inhabit the White House, not the least of which was the belief that Hunter Biden was a liability to the country.

The call’s transcript was published in February by Time magazine in which the Trump attorney can be heard speaking to Yermak about Hunter Biden and the former president’s bid for a second term in office. 

“Let these investigations go forward,” Giuliani said to Yermak according to the Times report. “Get someone to investigate this.” 

Ryaboshapka said regarding the requested investigation, “Zelensky asked me several times if there are violations of the law in this case started by [former prosecutor general Yuriy] Lutsenko, violations by Hunter Biden. We looked at 15 or 16 cases. We reviewed all of them and didn’t find anything that could be a violation of the law.”

Zelensky’s office pushed back against the statement, telling BuzzFeed in a response to the former prosecutor’s remarks, “Mr. Riaboshapka’s statements may be caused by internal political circumstances in Ukraine and have nothing to do with the foreign policy of the state. The Office of the President is interested in developing a strong system of independent law enforcement agencies in Ukraine.

The question conservatives have to ask is why a prosecutor wouldn’t want to investigate possible impropriety from a foreign national if there was even the hint of a problem. It is not, sadly, a question that is likely to be answered as long as Biden is in office.

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  1. Hunter Biden had to be protected. This is why Pelose said, “Trump will not get relected.” Also, Sleepy Joe stated, manipulate the machines you manipulate the votes.” Now the USA Conistition is being destroyed, along with the conservative voices being censured by big tec companies.

  2. When this nation decides to return to Christ, then the pests will go away, but not until then! Wake up Christians! Where are your hearts really?

  3. I am certain the American public is sick and tired of the biden crime family getting away with everything. no one else would be able to do this. so, when biden is out of office or dies from natural causes, and we have the house and senate under republican control, we will have to dive into this mess of steaming corruption. I have never in my lifetime seen as much lawlessness without repercussions as I have seen in the last year or two. you have a bunch of low life criminals holding this country at bay with the very guns the demon rats want the law-abiding citizens not to possess. what happens? a sitting house congresswoman and a current Vice President of this country applaud the behavior, and go so far as to pay bail for these miscreants. the aforementioned congress worm unduly influenced SEE THREATENED WITH BODILY HARM FOR DOING THEIR CIVIC DUTIES, a seated jury who was supposed to weigh evidence and render a lawful verdict. a newspaper, THE New York TIMES, published the names, and addresses of the jurors, for the miscreants who are burning this country down, to further terrorize them. what is done? NOTHING. the stores that are burnt, suck up to these scums. SEE TARGET. when are we going to have something done about this???? not on Joey Drools or KA MA LA the California ho’s watch/ we are tired of this one sided picture. saw a joke the other day. seems the miscreants threatened to bring this mess to the countryside. an old hillbilly remarked, do they not realize country folk will sit 18 feet above the ground for 24hrs in all kinds of weather just to kill something????

  4. Biden is an S.O.B. and stupid, Hunter is a little Twit who should go to Jail along with his Dad!!!

  5. All this factual evidence of lying, cheating and election fraud and even a video of J.Biden bragging about withholding money from the Ukraine if they didn’t fire the attorney who was set to prosecute Hunter Biden and still Beijing Biden and the Biden Crime Syndicate are living as if they are the pillars of the nation. They all belong in prison along with the obama’s and pelosi’s. Soros needs to be shot !

  6. I pray every day that these thieves get caught and punished. If any politicians are found guilty, put them in ‘Blue Collar’ prisons, not White collar.
    Make them pay dearly, maybe a firing squad could be Arranged as well.

  7. More of the double standards we the people have now.. thanks to king biden and gang you have no justice for any crime commented by any democrap.. if you believed the king when he said he would not interfear with doj on hunter you are a complete fool.. this gang now currupts the world with the ill gotten gains.. oh yeah the big guy still gets the usual 10% off the top of all deals made by THE FAMILY

    1. If any one doesn’t believe that we have a two tier justice system they are either blind or can’t see. Hillary got away with pay to play scheme and her secret email. Creepy joe had a prosecutor fired because he was investigating his son. Kerry and peglosi sons were involved with a number of questionable projects. Still a two tier justice system.

  8. Well we have a video of Joe Biden bragging about holding you back from Ukraine
    The very crime they try to impeach a sitting president for
    But as we all know corruption is what the Democrats are all about
    And look at that congresswoman Ilmar We already have proof she broke a lot of our laws yet she still in Congress and has been held accountable
    Sure seems like you have to be corrupt to be a Democrat nowdays

    1. Why don’t the republicans do something about her, sheis a disgrace to this country. The republicans have got to get a grip & go after these law breaking democratic like they go after republicans. Stop the charade & clean these imposters out of our country before they take the whole country down with their lies. Even all the people responsible for making sure our laws are kept have been bought off by Soros, China or somebody. The FBI, CIA. & all our agencies can’t seem to stop any of this mess the democrats are doing to this county’s, what’s wrong, aren’t there any honest people left in government?

  9. The Joe Biden family is CORRUPT. Now the White House does not want Biden to answer questions.. why ..because he may expose information or he doesn’t know what’s going on in the world? We know his brain is not working. Also he cannot talk all he does is mumble.. Biden definitely is not qualified to be president of our country.

  10. The Biden family was using Hunter for $$$$. I think Hunter got tired of taking care of “pop” that’s why he handed over his laptop. Joe the sniffer can’t give impromptu Q&A briefings because he has dementia


  12. they didn’t want to admit they were using Hunter a bribe for his father to give them preferential treatment

    1. Hunter’s laptop is an example of the corruption going on in his family’s life! The bank accounts in all other countries… billions of dollars… the Ukraine ‘s documentary & proof of all Biden’s corruption…… its all being pushed under the rug… it’s disgusting!

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    1. Sarah King is bot pushing a scam website. The same one also featured in another click-bait “news service” american digest. Why do you want to defraud your readers MainST?

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