Report: Trump can take fight over Facebook ban to US Supreme Court

Earlier this month, Facebook’s quasi-autonomous Oversight Board upheld the company’s January decision to prohibit then-President Donald Trump from posting on its platform, and according to a prominent critic of the move, the former commander in chief should consider pursuing reinstatement through a different body altogether.

According to Fox News, entrepreneur and author Vivek Ramaswamy said on Monday that instead of trying to secure a reversal from company when it revisits the topic in six months, Trump should instead take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court where he would be able to raise a “groundbreaking legal theory.”

Ramaswamy, who wrote WOKE, INC.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam, blasted the process used by the Oversight Board to justify the ban on Trump as well as what he feels was the transparent charade of requiring the company to reassess the proper duration of the ban later this year and to work on adding clarity and consistency to their rules.

“I think that this self-criticism was just a veneer, it’s a smokescreen designed to create this air of legitimacy around their decision when in fact they did exactly what Mark Zuckerberg wanted to. They reinforced the decision that Facebook made,” Ramaswamy said during an appearance on Fox & Friends.

Rather than wait around for another phony review to determine whether he can ever return to major social media platforms, Ramaswamy believes that Trump should “take this case – not to Facebook’s sham corporate Supreme Court – he should take it to the real U.S. Supreme Court. And I actually think he has a potentially groundbreaking legal theory.”

Ramaswamy continued, “Facts are on his side, where these companies aren’t like normal private companies. They’re effectively doing the bidding of Democrats in Congress who have threatened them with regulation and reprisal if they don’t go out and censor content that they as Democrats don’t want to see, and they give them Section 230 immunity and go out and do it,” referring to a key provision in the federal Communications Decency Act.

The author opined that the platforms’ practices are essentially “a combination of a stick and a carrot that turns this private action into really state-like action that’s governed by the First Amendement,” and noted that Justice [Clarence] Thomas “threw down the gauntlet and said that he was interested in hearing the case…I think Trump should take it all the way to the real U.S. Supreme Court.”

The reference to Justice Thomas relates to an April concurrence authored by the conservative jurist in which he suggested that First Amendment scrutiny from the high court on this and similar matters could well result in widespread treatment of social media sites as common carriers and restrictions on their freedom to remove political content they do not like.

Time will tell whether Trump will take Ramaswamy’s advice and prompt the highest court in the land to weigh in on a subject that has undeniable implications for the future of free speech and for the unfettered flow of information on which the survival of this republic depends.

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  4. I’ve NEVER opened an account or been on FACEBOOK. I recognized it, when it was coming up, as an easy tool for a third party like the communist/tyrants to collect never-ending amounts of data on everyone. Why, to build social and economic profiles on groups of people so they can be exploited in the future. It is a very good data collection, monitoring for feedback, information system. The purpose would be to track interests, actions and insights of like minded people; then deploy specific socio and economic stimuli and monitor for effect. This will then give those in control the means to easily insert methods to ensure a specific societal result. i. e. the election result of 2020.

    Linked’n is about the same only with more interesting data on the STEM people and high end marketing and management.
    This also is a very useful tool for certain governments to SHAPE their special ops foreign policies, you know the stuff that goes on behind the daily diversions.

  5. we dont need a comunist company like facebook,all your private information is on that site never to be remove even of you cancle your account

  6. Does America really need a company/ service like Facebook?? Perhaps 3rd world countries do?! fb’s editing polices are certainly anti 2nd Amendment. I have heard terrible stories about parents, grandparents being “robbed” via info posted on fb.
    Bottom Line: if fb continues with their current policies they should be fined millions of dollars !

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  8. They’re going to lose this one. Freedom of Speech is guaranteed to each citizen. When you have control over a sector of our society, you can’t deny anyone that freedom. The only reason they don’t want Trump on their site is, he will tell the truth about what the Democrats are doing; and they can’t have that.
    Truth and facts are to Democrats, what the cross and holy water are to vampires.

  9. Facebook and all the other ‘Big Tech’ platforms that provide a communications service to the public should be treated the same way AT&T, IT&T and all other telecommunications services are. They must provide their communications platform in a single un-censored unified system.

  10. Facebook is going the way of the CB radio fad. Facebook is irrelevant to most of the population. At least CB radio’s still have a use in a civil society.

  11. If The 1St amendment fall than the 2nd amendment will fall the we will not have any rights to voice our opinion or be able to defend our government from terinay that Is why these 2 amendmentally must stand for all the citizen of America not just for a few that want it their way what the want you to be BRAINWASHED TO THEIR WAY OF THINKING. Which is happening now no freedom of religion we will have no say in our government and continue to not have elections or crooked ones like the last one it is time for the states to take back their rights so our freedoms can be restored instead of the feds take away our rights and try to give every things away it’s like the people want everything given to them and cut the garbage that is taught in schools . and people get off your lazy butts and work for what you want and learn respect for every one . I was disabled at the age of 15 but had to quit after my last back surgery because of doing jobs I should have not be doing to make a living to eat and a place to live. I was brought up if wanted or needed something I worked for it. Even if it was cutting wood for a meal when I could not get a job.And when would be hired I was 1St one laid off last one called back to the job or not. I worked in the job force for over 20 years before becoming totally disabled and as a child from the age of 4 I had chores to do and had more as I got older so if you want any thing you need to work for it. I Did I could have I got SSI from the feds but chose not to so I could be what “GOD” said in the BIBLE IF YOU WANT TO EAT YOU MUST WORK FOR IT. “GOD BLESS” THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS.

  12. twitter and facebook are both democrat followers and do their bidding of silencing conservatives, which it totally wrong and against the First Amendment. They are also discriminating against a person with their dictatorship rules. They actually had no just cause to cancel the President like they did!! WAKE UP AMERICA, THEY ARE TAKING FREEDOM OF SPEECH AWAY FROM US! KICK THEM OUT COMPLETELY IF THEY DON’T HAVE TO ABIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION!!

  13. Antitrust laws should apply to the media companies. They have a monopoly on free speech. They are an important part of the Democratic party and are not serving the conservative citizens of our country. Having the supreme looking into there mode of operation should a good first step.

  14. Guys don’t use Facebook simply tell all your followers if they want to talk and share to do so here

  15. Yep he should go for it. Time the Democrats got a real taste of real and the swamp be dammed.

  16. I agree facebook is disgusting, doing the dirty work of the democratic swamp, I hope they all go to h***! Where they all belong! They will n.v ever censor us or Trump, he will come back bigger and better then ever, soo get used to it u pompous

  17. If you are on or use Facebook, get the hell and cancel anything you have with this anti-America media. Facebook is disgusting.

  18. Social media is going to have to be regulated. They have VERY biased opinions that support the DEMOCRAT view points. They try and hide behind section 230. I feel that the supreme court is going to have to breakup the biased actions of social media. They will have to be sued to straighten things out. They can’t be controlled by China

  19. Who cares facistbook, the twit all in with the commie takeover of america. Only a fool would still be on these platforms. They sell your info and watch you like youthought you knew. They know more about you than you do.. suckers only need apply… they should break these companies down. Go on there site or nothing. no competition. Their word is god. like it or not..

  20. Something needs to be done as far too much power has been granted to a few individuals
    who are primarily concerned with tapping into an International Market which is also
    the position of the leftist population.

    A plan needs to be implemented that allows freedom of speech to both sides – equally.

    What has been proposed by taking things to the Supreme Court sounds like this should
    be a good first step in potentially neutralizing an extremely biased media and many
    influential corporations.

    1. Mr. Trump needs to go for it and get censoring and AI censoring shut down nationwide, and force regulation of all US internet traffic under the common carrier rules like our telephones. We don’t get cut off or censored talking on our telephones, and the same must apply to all US internet traffic. Time to break up facebook, google, twitter, microsoft, etc. Wonder why microsoft “skunked” XP and early versions of office, etc. last year…no one knew he needed divorce money and was forcing users to buy new stuff to pay for it…

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