Report: Taliban initiating ‘house-to-house’ executions amid US exit from Afghanistan

As the final U.S. troops depart Afghanistan, the swift – and predicted – descent into horror under Taliban rule was evidenced by audio of what have been described as “house-to-house” executions of those deemed enemies of the new leadership, as Fox News reports.

The stories of unthinkable violence were also noted by investigative journalist with the outlet, Lara Logan, who took to Twitter Monday to post a clip of what was happening on the ground and said that a senior American source said that such killings were indeed being carried out that that “there are no words for what [the Biden] administration has done to all of us – Afghan and American.”

It was reported last week by Politico that American officials in Afghanistan provided the Taliban with a list of American citizens, Afghan allies, and green card holders, purportedly to facilitate access to the airport in Kabul, but which many feared could backfire once U.S. forces left for good.

Biden, for his part, did not deny that reporting, and once the last of the American troops departed the country, Taliban leadership publicly celebrated the fact on Twitter, saying “thank God and blessings,” that they were gone, as Fox News noted, and it was then that the reign of terror may have truly commenced, though one former translator for U.S. forces suggested that executions had already begun in provinces removed from the media in Kabul.

In what turned out to be devastating foreshadowing of the sort of brutality that awaited those left behind in Afghanistan, a native folk singer from the country was murdered by the Taliban not long after the fundamentalist leadership announced that “music is forbidden in Islam,” as the New York Post reported.

According to the son of now-deceased singer Fawad Andrarabi, the Taliban “shot him in the head of the farm,” adding, “He was innocent, a singer who only was entertaining people.”

Also indicative of the iron fist with which the Taliban clearly intend to rule Afghanistan, just last week, a well-known television presenter in the country was forced to go on air and read a statement imploring the public not to be afraid of the change in leadership and to cooperate – doing so while surrounded by a band of armed militants brandishing automatic weapons just inches from his head, as Vice reported.

Unfortunately, the alarming speed with which the Taliban overtook Afghanistan and swept into Kabul in recent weeks may only be surpassed by the haste with which they return the country to a degree of medieval barbarism that should shock the conscience of all.