Report: Relative sought Hunter Biden’s help securing Chinese business license

With countless unanswered questions still swirling about first son Hunter Biden’s nebulous and potentially corrupt foreign business dealings, Fox News has exclusively reported that according to email records, back in 2014, now-President Joe Biden’s brother-in-law enlisted the political scion’s help in securing Chinese business license.

According to the outlet, John Owens, husband of the president’s sister, sought Hunter Biden’s assistance in obtaining the necessary Chinese government approvals to expand his telemedicine enterprise in that country, emphasizing that the desired paperwork had to be “secured very quickly.”

Apparently ready and willing to help grease the wheels for his uncle, Hunter Biden responded within an hour to that initial message and forwarded details of the request to James Bulger, nephew of legendary mobster Whitey Bulger and chairman of the Thornton Group.

Notably, the ask also was dispatched by Hunter Biden to Michael Lin, a businessman associated with a nonprofit organization that has worked with a well-known propaganda outfit that facilitates messaging on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

Though it is unclear whether the business license was ever obtained, Owens’ entities ultimately signaled their intention to expand into China, suggesting that progress had indeed been made.

Interestingly, Fox News also reported that in 2015, Owens replied to an email from then-Vice President Joe Biden’s assistant inviting him to attend a State Department event in honor of Chinese President Xi Jinping by indicating his interest in going, sparking questions about whether introductions were made or lucrative business discussions held between Joe Biden’s brother-in-law and China’s leader.

This intervention on behalf of his uncle is by no means the only China-related controversy currently surrounding Hunter Biden, as White House press secretary Jen Psaki refused on Monday to state whether the president’s son has indeed divested himself from a known stake in a private equity firm in that country that has ties to the government in Beijing, as the New York Post reported, even though Joe Biden pledged that none of his family members would retain such interests.

Journalist Emerald Robinson pressed Psaki on the issue, but the White House spokesperson simply replied, “I’d point you to his representatives on that. He [Hunter Biden] doesn’t work in this administration.”

In light of additional reports this week that – despite prior pledges that he would never learn the identities of interested buyers – Hunter Biden attended a celebrity-studded exhibition of works from his nascent art endeavors – some of which are estimated to sell for the eye-watering sum of $500,000 – in what is further evidence that there is seemingly no level of grift, corruption, or influence peddling from which the president’s family will retreat.