Report: Pentagon received request from Biden admin to help with Haitian migrant crisis

In the wake of the botched U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan — another of President Joe Biden’s failures –, a new crisis has quickly developed along the southern U.S. border in Del Rio, Texas, where over 10,000 Haitian migrants have gathered under a bridge in horrid conditions.

According to the Washington Examiner, it appears as if the Biden administration might actually be taking this particular crisis seriously, at least if you consider the fact that it has already reached out to the Pentagon with a request for U.S. military assistance in handling the situation.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted in a recent statement that it made the request to the Department of Defense.

“The approach has been an all-of-federal-government effort and, frankly, an all-of-federal-government effort in partnership with state and local authorities in the civil society,” Mayorkas said during a Monday press conference.

The DHS chief added: “And the Department of Defense is evaluating a request for assistance, and we hope that will come to fruition very shortly.”

While the specific details of the U.S. military’s involvement with the Haitian migrant bridge crisis were not immediately available, a Pentagon spokesperson reportedly admitted that the troops would likely be used for transportation purposes.

It stands to reason that troops would use military equipment to provide transport for the migrants to various holding facilities, though it’s also unclear where they might be taken.

The group of mostly Haitian migrants has set up camp underneath the Del Rio-Acuna International Bridge, and reports from the ground indicate that the conditions in the makeshift camp are rapidly deteriorating as the migrants struggle in the summer heat while living in absolute squalor.

Only time will tell how the Biden administration attempts to spin yet another migrant crisis at the border, but it appears as if it’s already in over its head on this particular situation.