Report: Hunter Biden essentially confined to art studio in Malibu

As the fallout from Hunter Biden’s laptop finally begins to hit home, you’re not likely to see the presidential son answering any questions about the contents of his MacBook.

In fact, you’re not likely to see the presidential son, period.

According to a report from the Washington Examiner, Hunter Biden almost never leaves his Malibu, California home, where he’s guarded around the clock by the Secret Service.

“He never goes anywhere other than an art studio,” a source told the Examiner.

“You won’t ever see Hunter Biden in a grocery store buying bologna and bread for a sandwich.”

Furthermore, Hunter doesn’t drive himself anywhere, instead relying on the Secret Service to ferry him about.

“He is like the president. He never goes anywhere without a big team,” the source said.

Biden formerly lived in the beach town of Venice, but he left last summer after the media scrutiny became too intense.

“Now, he spends $20,000 a month renting a house with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill as a neighbor. It’s popular because of a bluff behind the homes and a singular road coming into the area,” the Examiner reported.

That’s almost peanuts compared to the $30,000 a month the Secret Service shells out for a house next door to Hunter’s, once owned by Linda Lavin.

“They have eyes on him 100% of the time,” the source told the Examiner. “For instance, if he’s out by the pool there could be someone looking over the fence.”

Part of this, of course, is keeping Hunter Biden safe from terrorists or madmen. However, it also keeps Biden safe from his most virulent enemy: himself.

Biden has a long history of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as the concomitant poor decisions that come along with it.

One of these poor decisions involved leaving a water-damaged laptop behind at a Delaware repair shop and then forgetting to pick it up.

The computer’s hard drive not only contained evidence of his extensive use of illegal substances and sex workers, emails on there also shed explosive new light on his shady dealings with Ukrainian and Chinese energy concerns, as well as Mexican and Russian oligarchs.

GOP Sens. Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley have launched an investigation into potential influence peddling by Hunter Biden and the Biden family, and House Republicans have followed suit.

In addition, the contents of the hard drive have played a part in a grand jury investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax returns and other business dealings.