Report: Hunter Biden could face special prosecutor

According to multiple sources, President Trump is considering appointing a special prosecutor to investigate and potentially prosecute Hunter Biden.

The Washington Examiner reports that “President Trump is reportedly considering a move that would bring scrutiny to Hunter Biden’s business dealings.”

The Examiner notes:

Trump has consulted chief of staff Mark Meadows, White House counsel Pat Cipollone, and others about potentially having a special prosecutor investigate the younger Biden’s tax records, according to a report from the Associated Press.

The president is reportedly considering options that include pressuring incoming acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to appoint a special counsel or replacing Rosen with someone willing to carry out his wishes. Trump has even asked his lawyers, including Rudy Giuliani, to investigate whether he has the power to appoint a special counsel single-handedly to do the job, according to the report.

In the satisfyingly titled article “A Special Counsel Christmas for Hunter Biden.” Wall Street Journal editor Bill McGurn points out:

News reports say President Trump wants his attorney general to name one. The law says a special counsel is warranted in a criminal investigation when leaving it to the Justice Department presents “a conflict of interest.” It’s hard to imagine a more unambiguous conflict of interest than the one Hunter Biden presents: A Joe Biden Justice Department investigating his son over conduct that might also implicate the sitting president.

We all know that a Biden-led DOJ would never investigate Hunter properly. Trump must act now, before its too late.

It’s time for Joe Biden to have his own Mueller investigation problem.

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  1. Investigate ALL of the kid biden;s and family dealings with the world, not just china. If it will, as I suspect, lead to the oval office, so be it. Of course, all investigations would have to be completed within six months before the administration of harris/pelosi takes over.

  2. Yes a special counsel but not just on taxes but the whole treasonous issue with China!! To include all named ie….Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for they were also mentioned in the emails from latop!!

  3. The termites are being exposed. Judas walked with. Jesus right up to the end, he had the $bag. This. God denying bunch of lying thieves think they are getting by, but they will hang themselves in the end.

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