Report: Federal government using charities to mask funding for illegals

It is difficult to keep track of the innumerable outrages attendant to the open borders policies of President Joe Biden, but arguably one of the most aggravating relates to the manner in which well-known charity groups are essentially funneling federal funds to help Democrats facilitate illegal immigration without taxpayer knowledge, as the New York Post reports.

As the outlet’s Betsy McCaughey explains, American taxpayers are effectively having the wool pulled over their eyes by organizations such as Catholic Charities, United Way, and the Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN), all of which are serving as conduits for funds provided by the federal government to aid in managing an unprecedented influx of migrants.

In McCaughey’s words, the process boils down to “money laundering,” in that Democrat lawmakers are motivated to increase the number of illegals entering the country, but they do not want to attract direct blame for the problem.

As such, they enter into contracts with charitable groups willing to do the dirty work under their own name, whether through the nonprofit known as Organization for Migration, Catholic Charities, or any number of other altruistic-sounding entities.

Therefore, on the surface it appears that migrant assistance efforts, including gift cards loaded with $800 monthly and given to new arrivals, hotel vouchers, meal assistance, clothing, and often bus and plane fare to destinations in the nation’s interior, are being paid for by voluntary charitable donations, they are actually funded by taxpayers who are unaware that their dollars are covering expenses for lawbreakers.

While all of the above is certainly shocking, equally infuriating is the fact that CARECEN, a recipient of significant federal government contracts, has as part of its stated mission voter registration initiatives and “civic engagement,” which, as McCaughey points out, tends to flow in one direction – toward Democrat voter rolls.

Taking a stand against the involvement of these supposed charitable groups in the Biden-encouraged migrant wave is Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX), who demanded information earlier this year from several of the aforementioned organizations about the role they play in overwhelming the country’s southern border, as Fox News has reported.

“Nonprofit groups operating a secretive, taxpayer-funded, and likely illegal operation must be honest and transparent about their role in exacerbating the border crisis,” Gooden said, adding that they “can voluntarily provide the documents I am requesting now, or they can be compelled to by a congressional subpoena next year.”

Gooden’s clear allusion to what he expects will be a massive Republican wave in the November midterms offers real hope for long-awaited accountability not just on this critical issue, but on a whole host of matters for which answers from the Biden administration and its allies are long overdue.