Report: Conservative podcast host Doug Kuzma hospitalized with COVID-19

Conservative podcaster and COVID-19 vaccine skeptic Doug Kuzma has reportedly been diagnosed with the virus, and is now hospitalized and on a ventilator, according to his media distribution network and controversial attorney Lin Wood, as Business Insider reports.

Kuzma’s illness comes on the heels of his attendance at the ReAwaken America event held in Dallas earlier in December, and according to a Telegram message posted by Wood, he has “since taken a turn for the worse,” and “his lungs are not responding to treatment.”

The host’s podcast network, Frog News, revealed on Telegram that Kuzma is now “sedated and on a ventilator,” and “needs heavy heavy prayers” as he is not conscious or able to respond to anyone attempting to contact him.

In describing the severity of Kuzma’s situation, Wood implored anyone with contacts in the medical profession they believe would be able to help the host to contact Frog News personnel immediately and to also “pray for Doug,” according to the Huffington Post via Yahoo! News.

The ReAwaken America event attended by Kuzma featured a host of conservative activists including former national security adviser Michael Flynn, commentator Alex Jones, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Sadly, Kuzma is not the only conservative media personality whose bout with the coronavirus took a severe turn, as just last month, Christian Daystar Television Network co-founder and CEO Marcus Lamb – himself an outspoken critic of COVID-19 vaccines – died after a battle with the illness, as NBC News reported.

Back in August, conservative Nashville radio host Phil Valentine, who frequently questioned the safety and necessity of COVID-19 vaccines on the air, died after a month-long struggle with the virus, according to the Tennessean.

In September, conservative talk show host and pastor Bob Enyart also succumbed to the virus after declining COVID-19 jabs over concerns about the use aborted fetal cells in their production, as the Denver Post reported.

Though ghouls on the left never hesitate to express their glee over the sickness and death of anyone who opts out of coronavirus vaccination, Kuzma and his loved ones can take heart in the fact that there are countless fans and supporters pulling for him to experience a swift and complete recovery.