Report: Biden sold oil from US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to state-run Chinese firm

In what has the makings of a shocking scandal of arguably impeachable proportions, the Biden administration has sold approximately one million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to a state-controlled Chinese gas firm with reported financial ties to the president’s son, Hunter Biden, as the Washington Free Beacon reports.

The sale of 950,000 barrels from the SPR to a company called Unipec was announced back in April, and the administration described the move as a crucial way to “address the pain Americans are feeling at the pump” and to “help lower energy costs.”

Amid the sale, the administration further asserted that the action would “support American consumers and the global economy in response to Vladimir Putin’s war of choice against Ukraine” and fight back against what Biden likes to call “Putin’s price hike.”

However, as the Free Beacon notes, Unipec has not slowed down when it comes to purchasing Russian oil, despite pledging the contrary, and in practical terms, according to Daniel Turner of energy advocacy group Power the Future, Biden is selling “raw materials to the Communist Chinese for them to use as they want.”

In addition, customs data reveal that over five million barrels of oil in total that were released from the SPR have made their way to European and Asian countries rather than to American refiners for use stateside, as Fox Business reports.

“We were assured Biden was releasing this oil to America so it could be refined for gasoline to drive down prices at the pump. So right off the bat, they’re just lying to the American people,” Turner explained to the Free Beacon. “What they’re saying they did and what they did are not remotely related.”

As if that was not bad enough, Turner made reference to the fact that Hunter Biden — through a private equity firm he cofounded — has financial ties to an arm of the Chinese gas giant that go back several years, giving the entire situation a stench of corruption that increasingly seems to permeate the first family.

Fortunately, Republican lawmakers are not looking the other way and intend to probe exactly what the administration has been doing regarding the oil reserves, with House Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) declaring, “The American people deserve answers as to why our emergency energy reserves are being send to foreign adversaries like the Chinese Communist Party… .”

“President Biden needs to remember that our strategic energy reserves are for emergencies, not to cover-up bad policies,” McMorris Rodgers added, and hopefully, once the GOP regains control of Congress come November, legislators can start asking real questions about the true motivations behind the incomprehensible decisions coming out of the White House.