Report: Armed FBI agents burst into home looking for Pelosi’s stolen laptop

An Alaska couple who attended the protest at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 along with thousands of other peaceful protesters who didn’t take part in the violence on that day received a downright frightening wakeup call last week as a team of agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) kicked down their front door.

According to Breitbart, the FBI agents burst through the front door of Paul and Marilyn Huepers’ Alaska home on April 28 reportedly in search of the laptop belonging to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that was stolen during the tragic events that unfolded inside of the Capitol building during the Jan. 6 riots. 

At first, the couple had no idea why they could possibly be in trouble with the law, especially as they told the agents that they were nowhere near the violence that took place on that day. Their harrowing account of the FBI raid, which was detailed on a website called the Alaska Watchman, included allegations that the federal agents kept them in the dark for the first hour of the search warrant.

“We sat there really for the first hour, not knowing what’s going on. They never offered for us to be comfortable,” Paul Hueper said. “It was very harshly done.”

The couple claimed that agents began “barking out commandments” after breaching the front door of the home and then proceeded to handcuff and interrogate the couple for roughly an hour before they were finally told the reason why the search warrant was being conducted.

The agents were apparently most interested in Marilyn Hueper and showed her a picture obtained from that day that they believed to be her, though that theory was quickly shot down by the couple as it was determined that it was not Marilyn Hueper in the photo, based on distinct facial features and other clues.

“Oh that’s obviously not me. Why didn’t you show me that photo to start with?” Marilyn said while going on to point out a noticeable difference in earlobes and the fact that the woman in the picture was wearing a sweater Marilyn sai “You couldn’t pay me to wear.”

In the Watchman’s report of the scary encounter, the raid was labeled as a case of “mistaken identity,” though a number of other trouble revelations came to light, such as the Huepers’ claims that they weren’t read their Miranda Rights before being detained, not to mention the seven heavily armed agents reportedly bursting into the home with guns drawn while not immediately announcing the search warrant.

While the FBI certainly has a right to do their job, if the Huepers’ recounting of the situation is even half true, it sounds like the situation could have been handled in a more professional manner.

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67 Responses

  1. There are &%million that actually voted and many more that were converted to Biden and those that didn’t vote preparing to show you exactly how we feel and its not going to be pretty.

  2. The FBI is a bunch of Democratic Nazis , they are not securing anything , they are running rough shod with the Democrats approval over any they please.

  3. Nothing changes with the FBI—-Clinton money is still being used—no apology to Marilyn and husband from PP Pelosi=the sicko in charge of our House of rep’s….Dem’s are nervous–they keep making giant boo boos–showing how putrid they are!!!!

  4. I see one of the biggest lawsuits in history coming out of this blatant fiasco…………..and rightfully so……………the FBI is still truly fraudulant.
    Should actually be done away with for sure.

    1. Exactly! The FBI needs to be abolished they are nothing but a political arm of the Demonrats!!!

  5. If the truth was known pelosi’s was involved in the Capital she set the stage to creat the mess an lied about it she should have to pay for all the cost with her stolen money ; she lied about the troops getting there late Trump recommended extra protection there because there was so many people there . It played right into her plan to try to ruin Trump .
    She was in charge of protection the Capital. ; I think she set the stage for it all to go south
    I’am 78 years and I know a lierwhen I see one she is a 🐷
    Sorry but it is what it is

  6. wow i guess that is what we the people are paying the F B I to do frighten people who don t support their agenda so why did not they do their duty when it was Biden son laptop what were their excuse then

  7. Yes lets pray God helps us lets get nasty with FBI and SOJ as they need to be replaced by we the people of the United States of America.
    MayGod Bless us and the United States of America.

  8. FBI Swamp Rats they can probably sue and get a few hundred thousand but me I would want their badges and the supervisors badge that got the search warrant

  9. Did everyone notice these people were cooperative not like all the poster children who lost lives being defiant. This is an example of how to act civilized even though innocent. All criminals this is an example how to act. If the law enforcement have criminal intention like these bums did sue them at a later date.

  10. Our FBI and CIA are pure corrupt. Why are you going after Trump supporters? You need to be
    cleaning up and eliminating all the Antifa and BLM hoodlums that have destroyed American cities. killed Americans, destroyed businesses and peoples livelyhood. They are supported by
    the communist democrat party. California’s communist Ho Kamala needs to be impeached for raising money to free these hoodlums out of jail which she is doing. She is against the United States!

  11. Was this the FBI, or Nazi storm troopers? Communism is here folks, you can thank Comrade Biden and Comrade Pelosi for this. No wonder the Democrats had to lie, cheat, and defraud the American people to get elected, free thinking Americans would have never voted for this.

  12. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    The Hueper’s need to sue each one of the agents who broke into their home and sue the FBI and also Joe Biden because that is his police force’ for 100’s of millions of dollars. The FBI didn’t have any right to do what they did at the Hueper’s home. It was all made up and bogus on the part of the FBI. Those FBI agents should be put in jail their selves for braking the law.

  13. In January I read that the military took two of Pelosi’s laptops on January 6th, as she ran and hid… save me first I’m more important than anyone else. I would not give the laptop’s to the corrupt a A-political FBI, they would be the last people I’d give it too. They suspect there was evidence on the two laptop’s of her many crimes. Pelosi must be nervous because I’m sure there is evidence of treason and sedition on it. Knowing Nancy’s true wealth ($300 million plus) anyone else would be blackmailing that political whore for a profit.

  14. Isn’t it amazing how when Democrats want something the FBI and Judges Jump Right To It. When Republicans want the same they are all deaf. I think there needs to be some heads rolling down the streets of washington dc. We need to vote them out in 2022 and we must replkace of buch of Rino’s at the same time and the leadership of the Republican Party better grow some balls or we will replace them to. Speak up and fight or get out.

  15. Her missing lap dog is probably sitting along side Hillary’s. We trust these people with American secrets???? Maybe Kerry gave it to the Iranians with some antacids so they could stomach the contents.

  16. THAT is the reason why Rudy’ home was RAIDED – UNCONSTITUTIONALLY – looking for the BEAST’s laptop….I just wished Rudy would go after them instead of just whining that what they did was UN-ethical, it was a CRIME, period……!!!!

  17. Are these legitiment FBI??? Or somebody’s Brown Shirts that pretend to be FBI??? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a particular group within the political parties that have these BS available to scare the citizens into submission of control!!!

  18. Hope they’ll NEVER find it or the person who took it…….AND…..I also hope it is in some ones hand who can/will use it AGAINST her skillfully when the time comes to ARREST her – sending her DOWN the DRAIN where she really BELONGS, along with MANY, MANY others ……!!!

  19. I guess we know for sure now!! who owns the FBI!!!!!!! even when our great President Trump was in office!!! because they were out to kill President Trump just like the Demo’s was!!!!!!!!!! the FBI is in the Demo’s pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Why the rush to find Pelosi’s laptop when you have Hunter Bidens right in your possession.

  21. I bet Pelosi’s laptop is full of evidence that would put her and all the other Demonrats in jail. All her child trafficking, money laundering, tax dollars stolen, clouding with terrorist groups. I bet that laptop is full of goodies. I hope some reporter got it and will spill the beans on all Pelosi’s corruption.

    1. I hope it is with some one of REAL Importance/POWER who will SKILLFULLY use it AGANIST her and her minions….I also think that this laptop was the reason for the Giuliani Raid, thinking he has it, but if he does, it’s WELL hidden – yep there must be MANY “Goodies” on it and she is SWEATING “blood and tears”…..

  22. Years back, if the FBI investigated you, you were guilty. Their investigative process was full proof.
    Now, they are simply pawns of the democrapic party.
    I believe most of the world is awaiting their investigation regarding sleepy joe’s kid. And the list goes on!

  23. Get ready America this is only the beginning of what to expect from this anti American administration.

  24. Tactics reminiscent of Germany. We are headed for disaster. There is no one willing to stop this, especially the republicans who just beg for money and watch our country go to the swamp.

    1. tHE DEMONCRAPS use this type of tactics and the people who know absolutely that these are the Demoncraps behind this crap. I wouldn’t trust a demoncrap politician to wipe my behind. They cause all the problems then blame the REAL AMERICANS (REPUBLICANS) FOR THE CRAP THEY DO. A prime example is ugly Maxine who keeps running her mouth off trying to instigate the anti american rhetoric she does daily.

    2. Anonymous … I so totally agree with your remark!! I am a a conservative, who voted (and will again) for President Trump. But, I am so fed up with the Republican party and their phone solicitors! My phone rings at least 500 times a day, and I can honestly say that I get phone calls from family and friends maybe once or twice a week. All those other calls are from political solicitors, and also same story with text messages. I can not even fill out a poll with my vote for Trump … unless I give them $$$$. So I agree the republicans are almost as corrupt as the evil jack_ss demwits. I’m going to keep praying and not answering my phone, wish everyone would do the same. God Bless America!!

      1. I have the same problem, The Republican party is very disorganised when it come to asking for Donations. What they need to do is get a central Gop office to do all of this, Then they distribute the money to Republican senators or People running for office. They know who they should be supporting. I recently told a GOP Member who was soliciting donations the same thing. I donate then still get Text messages asking why I haven’t donated, plus all of the mail requests from individual Senators, Which is a Huge waste of political funds. So come on Republican party get it together if you want to beat the Democratic party.

  25. Don’t know which is worse these days .. it’s like they (the 3 letter entities) are competing against each other to be more UNAMERICAN!!!

  26. The FBI are a bunch of spoiled brats who think their Sh t doesn’t stink. They should be held accountable for their actions. They should replace the door they broke and provide a written apology and explain why their Miranda rights weren’t given to them when they broke down the door. Good law suit pending against the bureau and the specific officers as well. I would do that in a NY minute. Disgraceful

      1. Have you not seen the results of past lawsuits, In regards to similar raids, Even where people were shot and killed. The agencies were found to be not liable as they THOUGHT they had the right address.they are basically ABOVE the LAW. And the court’s gave them they’re blessings.

  27. Who gave the FBI their orders the day of the search of the Hueper home? I would bet it was someone who did not bother to look at enough details in pictures supplied them to amount to a very small hill of beans. Shame on whoever that is (someone who is out to do more damage to Trump and Republicans?). Shame on JB, too, for more shameful carelessness.

    FDR would have done better even from his wheelchair.

    1. No, FDR was the beginning of the problem. His SS act was more in building up the democratic party then the people. That was the beginning of all that we see now as government control.

      1. No one in GOVERMENT will investigate anyone or anything. It’s going too have too be the real american citizens not lawyers. Antifa,BLM, etc. Are all getting PAYCHECKS from soROdont forget. ‘s and usa gov. Which makes american citizens, since we pick up the tab, GUILTY AS THE FBI. ONLY AMERICANS CAN STOP THE GENOCIDE AND ENSLAVEMENT OF AMERICANS. HOUSE AND CONGRESS AND THE invaders of dc.. FOLLOW THE DARK MONEY.

    1. There is no credibility within the FBI these days. They are a crooked extension of the Democrat Party. Never co-operate or help them in any way. No longer represent the rule of law. They pick and choose who they want to destroy.

    2. For sure. The demonkkkraps have turned everything in Washington, dc criminally corrupt like China.

    3. Under Obama the weaponization of the government branches was insane IRS FBI CIA all aimed at political rivals. Biden didn’t skip a beat the second he was in office he went right back to the dirty politician game plan. The next president will be a Republican and first order of business? Clean house investigate the bidens the clintons and the Obamas. And started investigation into the deep state of the FBI the CIA and the IRS and enforce civil and constitutional rights violations.

  28. Poor excuse for the FBI they should have been at Pelosi house because she might have her laptop with her they are not able to think about this she is a liar by the way

    1. She’s also a lizard……swamp crotch whore……and didn’t she say that it WAS NOT taken on the day of the PATRIOTIC PROTEST aka the insurrection? Go figure, the F*@cking [email protected] Idiots raided Guiliani’s pad and refused to confiscate the HUNTER HARD DRIVES

      1. What about Hunter’s laptop why is the FBI coving for the Biden’s???? I bet no one took Pelosi’s laptop she’s just wants to make matters worse she’s such a liar she’s willing to add anything in lets see what sticks. Why is the FBI only targeting Trump supports 🤔

        1. Dumbs are desperately trying to cover up numerous clues & evidence that they’ve sold out the China! Hunter’s laptop must alot of evidence of his dirty dealing with China & UK . China has a noose around Bidens neck ! Chinese even boasted they have high level operatives in US gov!!

        2. Sounds like a lawsuit to me. Stick it to her. For about 1-2 million dollars and she pays the attorney fees. She’s got the doe. Stick it to her.

        3. The comrades are at it again. Wait are we living in Russia, no Communist China? I thought this is the United States of America?

      2. Hope Rudy made a copy…If they had taken them they’d have destroyed them to cover the Biden Crime Family.

      3. I have lost so much respect for the FBI. At one time I was one of there biggest fans but I now know they are NOT interested in employing real tough guys fresh out of the combat zones. They are looking for people just like them-liberal minded nerds who will not get involved with any dirty business.
        If they were interested in arresting people they should have been at the capitol when the protestors were there. I’m pretty sure that the patriots were judged by the FBI as extremely dangerous hiding behind the capitol policeman who gunned down the woman(ex-military) No the unarmed patriots did not pose any problems to the FBI. So what do they do to regain some face but to storm into these people’s home with their guns drawn. And then treat them harshly when the realize that these people were not the ones they were looking for-I would bet that they did not offer to pay for the door. I believe that is their M.O. I just wish the DOJ would investigate the capitol police who are just a group of thugs as they tie people up and beat them during the night. Many Trump supporters who are still locked up are kept in solitary confinement which if the government follows international law is a CRIME. Go get them FBI–Do your JOB .. Pigs have to fly before that happens.

      1. Everyone made remarks, that pelousie lied, there wasn’t a laptop. Democrats are. All liars about and everything. Ask them what they had for breakfast, they will lie, WHY BECAUSE THEY DONT ENDORSE ANYTHING UNLESS PAID AND OMG IT MIGHT BE WHITE OATMEAL. LMAO, ASK WHAT TIME OF DAY, LMAO , THEY LOOK UP, ‘DAYTIME’. THEY MAKE A STUMP LOOK GENIUS. LMAO, COME ON !

        1. One or both now will suffer from FBI
          PTSD. If one of them had had a heart condition they could have brought on an MI, heart attack with the stress they gave the couple. I can’t imagine my door being broken down with men entering with guns.
          Why so much drama?
          Sounds like Pelosi drama at its best!

      1. I believe the problem is that they are being controlled by the political party in charge and NOT based on facts and their investigations. Just another step to diminish the three branches of government that were set-up by our forefathers to protect us from this type of central control. There are no more checks and balances. Whomever has the most power and/or money are controlling everything.

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