Report: Alarming number of Afghan evacuees flagged by terror watch lists

As the Biden administration continues to tout the ongoing evacuation of Afghans from Kabul as a success of epic proportions, new concerns are emerging amid news that upwards of 100 of those individuals seeking resettlement in the United States have been flagged by the Department of Defense via its use of terrorism watch lists, according to Breitbart.

A report from Defense One noted that an unnamed federal official assisting with the screening and vetting work being conducted in third countries revealed that roughly 100 of the 7,000 individuals removed from Afghanistan as “prospective recipients” of Special Immigrant Visas have had their names flagged as possible matches to those on the watch lists.

This is not the only indication that the threat presented by dangerous abuses of the evacuation and resettlement process is very real, with NBC News also reporting that State Department officials have described five individual cases in which Afghans tried using fraudulent U.S. passports to board outbound flights.

The worry is that the harried and chaotic evacuations taking place in Kabul has prevented the sort of proper vetting that might have ordinarily occurred and that planes leaving Afghanistan are in fact full of individuals who never provided any assistance to U.S. forces and have no basis from which to qualify for resetttlement assistance on American shores.

During his Friday night broadcast on Fox News, Tucker Carlson questioned just how much is actually known about the thousands of Afghans being brought to America, and whether this type of mass resettlement is in our country’s best interest.

“Who exactly are these Afghans, many of whom are on there way here? The truth is, despite what they’re telling you, we have no real idea. We don’t know,” Carlson explained, adding, “We just learned, for example, that at least 100 of the refugees the U.S. military has flown out of Kabul – people we’re told are heroes – are in fact on terror watch lists. One man we evacuated apparently works for ISIS.”

Carlson recounted a story told to Fox News by an Afghan interpreter called Carl, who said “there are people that are getting inside the airport that have never worked, they knew somebody with a green card or they known somebody with a passport, that’s how they got through inside. I know people that are inside but they never worked.”

The host also relayed the experience of a commercial flight attendant who told the show’s producers that her entire crew was informed that they would be transporting a group of U.S. citizens who had made their way out of Kabul, but when the plane reached Qatar, it was revealed that the passengers to be collected were not Americans, but rather Afghans who not only became unruly en route, but also were not required to wear masks.

Reports of what could become a massive influx of unvetted, unknown actors possibly harboring ulterior motives and ill will toward the West should give all Americans pause, not just because of the obvious security threat they pose, but, as Carlson noted, because Democrats view “every refugee as a potential new voter,” and that fact alone could have frightening implications for years to come.