Rep. Taylor Greene shares flight with Pelosi, says speaker is ‘house hunting’ in Florida

Republicans are predicted to score a massive wave of victories in the 2022 midterms, meaning they’ll retake the majority in the lower chamber and put an end to the Democrats’ radical, progressive agenda. It also means House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will be out of a speakership job.

But the embattled speaker might possibly be considering leaving the gig before her term is up, at least according to a recent tweet from Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who revealed that she shared a flight to Florida with the speaker, suggesting that she was on her way there to “house hunt.” 

Taylor Greene pointed out the obvious irony of Pelosi potentially setting up in the red state of Florida for her retirement years, especially given how critical top Democrats have been of the state and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

“Nancy Pelosi went house hunting last week in south Florida. She was actually on my plane. She wants to retire in Florida to enjoy low taxes, mask free hair salons, and Republican freedom policies, while literally destroying all these good things for the American people.”

Given the extreme wealth Pelosi has accumulated while serving in office for decades, thanks to conveniently timed stock trades, she’s certainly able to afford to live a life of luxury anywhere, but as some political commentators pointed out, it’s ironic that she appears to be looking at Florida.

Big League Politics described Pelosi’s potential move to the Sunshine State as “the ultimate example of a limousine liberal fleeing the consequences of their own policy preferences,” referencing Pelosi’s home district, which includes the crime-ridden, drug-addled, feces-covered once-great city of San Francisco.

Political pundit John Cardillo suggested in a tweet that Pelosi is looking to move to Florida “because she wants to set up a base of operations here for 2022 and 2024,” adding that “FL grassroots activists will shine a very bright spotlight on her every move in real time.”

Cardillo went on to say that Florida residents “are one step ahead of you Granny Vodka.”

Only time will tell if Pelosi actually does set up the next phase of her life, whatever that entails, in the increasingly red state of Florida. However, if she does, it’s clear at this point that she won’t hear the end of it.