Rep. Taylor Greene introduces measures to ‘Fire Fauci,’ ban vaccine passports

Few federal bureaucrats have polarized Americans quite like the current director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and according to one prominent Republican, that high-profile role is in desperate need of new blood.

As The Hill reports, firebrand GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) has introduced two bills that purport to eliminate the salary paid to Dr. Anthony Fauci and also ban COVID-19 vaccine passports that have been the subject of much discussion and controversy in both government and corporate circles.

Greene’s so-called “Fire Fauci Act” is designed to slash the infectious disease expert’s government salary down to zero until his replacement can be “confirmed by the Senate,” a step that is not, in fact, part of the appointment process for the role, as The Hill noted. In response, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) tweeted that the bill points to “why Members of Congress need good staff,” who can prevent legislators from “introducing stupid, nonsensical bills.”

In putting forward her “We Will Not Comply” legislation, Greene argues for the need to bar federal funds from going to any school or business enterprise that requires proof of coronavirus vaccination, asserting that vaccine mandates can have an unacceptably discriminatory effect on those who do not want to receive the jab, sometimes for religious reasons, according to the Washington Examiner.

Though neither of Greene’s proposals stands much chance of making any headway in the Democrat-controlled House, much less in the Senate, but their emergence does serve to highlight the ongoing controversy surrounding both Fauci and the concept of vaccine passports as a prerequisite for re-engagement with the economy while the battle against COVID-19 continues.

Republicans in recent days have stepped up their criticism of vaccine passports, citing privacy concerns, constitutionality questions, as well as the inherent hypocrisy of Democrats demanding such a heightened disclosure of personal information while simultaneously decrying ID requirements at the voting booth, with House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) opining:

Considering that Democrats want to require vaccine IDs for people to conduct their basic daily activities, they now have zero grounds to object to voter ID laws.

If under Democrat logic, you should need an ID to enter even a grocery store, surely there wouldn’t be an objection to showing an ID to legally vote.

The White House, for its part, has attempted to shift the onus of developing and implementing a vaccine passport onto the private sector, but, as press secretary Jen Psaki noted, administration efforts “will more be focused on guidelines that can be used as a basis,” signaling at least an openness to the concept, if not an outright willingness to formally endorse the notion just yet.

Should vaccine passport initiatives gain traction, vigorous Republican pushback is all but assured, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pledging executive action in his state to prevent their use, saying, according to The Hill:

It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply participate in normal society.

While safe and effective vaccines designed to fight a global pandemic are certainly a welcome advancement of which millions are taking full advantage, the Democrats’ apparent abandonment of their old battle cry of “my body, my choice” is highly instructive in just how easily a shift in political winds can transform their supposedly inviolable principles.

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  1. What I wouldnt give to have a debate with you about this. You just say so many things that arrive from nowhere that Im fairly sure Id have a fair shot. Your weblog is terrific visually, I mean people wont be bored. But others who can see past the videos and the layout wont be so impressed with your generic understanding of this subject.


  3. When the drum beat is 24/7 (this is called brainwashing) get a shot, get a shot it just seems they are pushing too hard … for what reason????? Then I hear doctors are calling patients for checkups “have not seen you for a while and ask if you’ve had the shot”. When one answers with: No I have not had the shot, I had the covid-19 virus “this is not good enough”. Soooo now the response is: I will find another doctor. They they add “they can give the shot when you come for the appointment. Miraculously it works that fast.

    Let me understand that one. There are people lined up with appointments to get the shots and they freely offer me one which will certify I am covid-19 free within minutes. Unreal|!!!!!!!

  4. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations
    Is a way of controlling the people and keeping the isolated

  5. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations

  6. Faux helped create the virus to begin with check out the money he sent to Wigan lab. And virus was created by them to eliminate older people not transform to that from animals. I know!

  7. Fauci, the swamp, and all the demoncRats in government on any level need to go. They are the ruin if everything-!!!

  8. I’m glad Fauci is getting fired, he’s just trying to control americans all because he doesn’t like Trump, he needs to leave the cdc asap!

  9. Should have fired that lier long time ago. He has nothing but created a total mess in the world. Along with that idiot Biden and Harris who is a total waste of time and human wasted. When are you guys going to wake up and see the real truth?

    1. You are right about that they are all evildoers those evildoers Democrats need to get out of the white house and get Trump back

  10. Fauci fired, good riddance? Was that the most misleading headline of 2021? He not only wasn’t fired, the proposal to fire him was put forth by an idiot.

  11. Oh and Fauci the Lil bag of excrement own the Covid patent and the patents for all vaccines his name is on the application for use as its creator!!!! So this lil dirtbag is not only getting a hefty salary from taxpayers he also gets billions in tax research dollars and then has the companies putting his name on the patents and gets paid every time someone gets stuck!!!!

  12. First off it’s not a vaccine it’s listed as an operating device it has nanotechnology that coincides with 5G tech! Basically you will be monitored by a computer I believe Google has the contract for the data monitoring!!! Eventually Elon Musk is developing I call it Neuro interface which will actually monitor your movements your thoughts and will even be able to tell you what to think!!! They’ll even be able to control your bank account or be able to place you under house arrest by shutting you down!!!!! Scary but true! Transhumanism is their goal!!!! I’ve read once they’ve vaccinated enough people they even want to stop natural birth! 2025 all life will be created in a lab by genetics and transhuman tech!!!! is a military intelligence website they’ve predicted 230 million people will somehow not be in America in 2025!!!!! Crazy as it sounds it all fits together with what Gates has been saying! Along with the UN WHO WEF!!!! Is it the vaccine that’s the mechanism! I’m not sure but their pushing the hell out of it !!!!! Eventually they want most of the human population gone by 2030 except for the ones pushing this agenda!!! And our politicians are doing everything they can to expedite this plan!!!!!

  13. So sick of this idiot! Their getting the vaccine because they want their NORMAL back!! Sad News!! IT”S GONE!! Watch your freedom’s disappear!! People do stupid things as long as you PLANT FEAR!! They become SHEEPLE!! Whatever YOU SAY I WILL DO…….without doing any research at all! PLUS you’ll attack anyone who DOESN’T THINK LIKE YOU!! Shameful!

  14. This is suppose to be a free country. The government has no business telling us that we can’t go pretty much any where unless we have had the COVID vaccine and have an ID to prove it. That is what Communism is like. This is a free country. If they would make ALL illegals that are coming into this country leave we would have less cases of the virus. We were starting to do better until all those illegals came over here and brought the virus with them. I say keep Dr. Fauci and get rid of Greene and her crazy ideas. There are still millions of people that refuse to take the vaccines.

    1. Why should any American’s Tax Money be paid to Fauci. He is doing nothing for the money. He is trying to keep his Govt Job without providing anything in return. We do not need to be paying him $400,000 plus just to stand up on TV and tell us what He Thinks Might Happen. He has no more clue than any other person. He makes more money that President Biden does. I think he needs to be fired. So far he has failed to actually predict anything at all.

  15. Fauci should be terminated! He keeps changing his narrative, feeding the “ panic monster” about covid. And, drawing a hefty salary that WE pay to be misinformed!

  16. Fauci was involved in the production of the virus. He sent U.S. dollars to the Wuhan laboratory. He has become rich pushing the vacines! He needs to be tried for treason and jailed for life!

      1. Money was sent to the lab for 3 extra years after study projects of wuhan and the like were shut down by the Obummer Admin. The only thing he did right, yet this didn’t stop faulible fauci from those 3 more years of lab funding. It was the fox guardin’ the hen house.

      2. And theres a lot more of those in office that need tried for treason. Im so sick of them always getting away with these criminal acts. And nothing ever happens to any of them.

    1. Fully agree with you, Norma !!!!!

      Fauci is nothing but an impostor, a narcissist and a crook !
      He is only interested in enriching himself ( first by
      working with the communists in China, then by
      supposedly being very “ concerned “ about people dying because of Covid, now he’s making money by investing in the vaccine
      Crook !!!!

      1. to The Dragon: Fauci making money by investing in the vaccine, he must be a Republican as two or three of them were trading real fast , of course the Republicans took care of them, oh wait a minute, they did nothing. LOL

      1. Faux helped create the virus to begin with check out the money he sent to Wigan lab. And virus was created by them to eliminate older people not transform to that from animals. I know!

    1. And collect a $435K salary for doing it. Highest paid government position, and not elected….

    2. Fauci needs to be fired!!!
      DUMBOCRATS are liars and cheaters.
      They committed grains with the election!!!

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