Rep. Jackson, also a doctor, insists Biden is no longer ‘mentally fit’ to serve as president

At this point, it’s certainly not a secret that President Joe Biden clearly looks as though he struggles, cognitively speaking, any time he delivers a speech or attempts to answer questions from the press, leading many to wonder if he’s truly capable of leading as America’s president.

According to The Daily Wire, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), a former White House physician, has repeatedly brought up the same concerns every since Biden took office. Last week, the Texas lawmaker once again declared that Biden isn’t “mentally fit” to be president due to his “age-related cognitive decline.”

Jackson, who served not only under former President Donald Trump, but also former President Barack Obama, revealed an interesting development during a podcast interview with Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), saying that he received a rather nasty letter from Obama.

He said Obama wrote him a letter slamming Jackson for his “betrayal” for attacking Biden’s potential cognitive decline issues, a letter that Jackson described as “scathing.”

However, Jackson held nothing back in his interview with Rep. Banks, declaring that Biden is simply past his cognitive abilities to manage the most powerful country on the planet.

“I know what that job entails, both physically and mentally, and how demanding it is. And I can tell you right now, I’m 100% sure that Joe Biden is incapable of doing that job,” Jackson said.

He added: “He’s 78 years old and you can see it. You don’t need to be a physician to look at him and to look at his behavior and some of the other stuff, just the way he shuffles away, stares off into space.”

Jackson isn’t the only sitting member of Congress with concerns, as Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), a physician, earlier this year called for aging politicians, like Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and even Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to undergo cognitive testing given their ages.

“It’s usually noticeable,” the senator said of the “rapid” decline in cognitive function as they near the age of 80. “So anybody in a position of responsibility who may potentially be on that slope, that is of concern. And I’m saying this as a doctor.”