Rep. Elise Stefanik calls for Andrew Cuomo to be prosecuted

After long-held suspicions that Andrew Cuomo’s conduct in the nursing homes death scandal was less than honorable, critics worst suspicions were confirmed when a Cuomo aide admitted that the administration “just froze” and misrepresented nursing home deaths.

Now, some are calling for accountability and prosecution for Cuomo.

Liberty Nation reports:

“Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is demanding that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his senior team be “prosecuted immediately” at both the state and federal level after a New York Post report revealed the governor’s aide apologizing for delaying coronavirus death rate data, and blaming the decision partly on the Trump administration.”

“’This bombshell admission of a cover-up and the remarks by the secretary to the governor indicating intent to obstruct any federal investigation is a stunning and criminal abuse of power,’” Stefanik said.

Remember, this is the same Cuomo whom the media lionized for his press conferences, even going so far as to give him and Emmy award. I’ll give him this – he’s a hell of an actor at playing the part of an honest man, something that apparently doesn’t come natural to him.

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  1. I thought the Attorneys for the Trump President, did an excellent job today. Extremely excellent, I was so very, very proud of them. Hope others were too. Now I hope this puts much of the nonsense of the whole thing to bed. it was all based on HATE and that has what the last 4-5 yrs have been is nothing but hate, hate, hate!..We, as Republicans are so depressed from it all, we need a vacation and I hope this trial can put it to bed for Trump and many, many more of us. We need a break!

    1. I am so glad this charade is over. I hope trump runs again in 2024. h e was a great president for the people.

    2. We need to keep on pressuring the new government about all the extra problems that we to have to deal with
      for 4 years now that idiot man undid all of Trumps work we cannot stop if we do relax the next
      president will never be able to fix this mess. This idiot is separating us, stop with the 10 extra points for the
      blk and spanish on the civil service exams stop with blk history month just because idiots tore down statues
      doesnt erase our past. should be American history month, blk history month at one time brought us together
      now its a violation of our civil rights. how come theres no all white colleges, awards, radio, tv, how come im 66
      and cant get a vaccine cus im white. i dont give a crap what color u r do ur fen job and stop telling me i cant talk

  2. You know nothing’s going to come of this. It’s a Republican Representative accusing a democratic criminal. You know the left will just ignore it, just as they have all the other left-wing criminals that have been proven to be breaking the law.

    1. Nothing will come of the case against Cuomo. The media won’t allow it. President Trump will still be blamed for the nursing home deaths because, well, he’s a Republican. New Yorkers will still vote for Cuomo because New Yorkers are stupid. Look who they voted for mayor….an idiot and when said idiot moves on, the dem party in New York will put up another idiot for election and will win because that’s what they do in New York. Cuomo will get more awards and come 2024 or beyond, Cuomo will run for president and the main stream media will be all for it because the MSM people are idiots.

  3. After Cuomo is tried and convicted in a Court of Law, there is just one more thing that he needs to face: a Firing Squad. He is not only guilty of the murder of the Senior Citizens in the Nursing Homes in his State, but of the Unborn babies, and those that were born, many which had survived the horrors of the Abortion attempts, only to be deprived of Medical attention, as well as water, and food by the “Medical Staff”.

  4. God is good all the time! These POLITICAN and media should be held accountable for their lies! Even those who help cover up the crime! Can you live with yourself? That answer is NO! Just as these POLITICAN in the HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE are lying like they are good actor! But are MORE GUILTY THAN THEY WANT TO BELIEVE! Take down the wall around our national capital! You don’t deserve PROTECT! You have put AMERICAN PEOPLE IN HARM WAY!

      1. Yes they did. Was it used? No, Cuomo just wants to place blame on others and refuses to accept any responsibility. And as for his brother, how dare him to talk all the nonsense about any political party.. Time that he too is removed from tv or any public broadcasting program.

  5. About time and the first thing these murderers do is blame thr big guy lol.
    Trial should be for gencide and let little musolini swing

  6. Cuomo should be arrested, tried for murder and found guilty. Put him in prison for 10 years for each elderly iers9n he murdered regarding his COVID sham.

  7. Sure glad the Impeachment Trial is over hope the democrats put it to rest!! Who can they pick on now!! Of course they thought Trump did a terrible job but he did a lot of good and now Biden is tearing our country apart but that is ok with the Democrats!! Prayers for America and her People!! Lets get rid of all the hate and name calling! Biden called for Unity but he is not doing a very good job to support his comment!!! Get rid of all the wire around the White House!! such a disgrace!!!!

  8. Just more solid evidence that the democrat party has become the party of corruption and hate. Far removed from the integrity and honesty days of Harry Truman! There may not be a democrat governor of integrity anywhere. They should all be investigated and removed from office!

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