Rep. Elise Stefanik calls for Andrew Cuomo to be prosecuted

After long-held suspicions that Andrew Cuomo’s conduct in the nursing homes death scandal was less than honorable, critics worst suspicions were confirmed when a Cuomo aide admitted that the administration “just froze” and misrepresented nursing home deaths.

Now, some are calling for accountability and prosecution for Cuomo.

Liberty Nation reports:

“Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is demanding that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his senior team be “prosecuted immediately” at both the state and federal level after a New York Post report revealed the governor’s aide apologizing for delaying coronavirus death rate data, and blaming the decision partly on the Trump administration.”

“’This bombshell admission of a cover-up and the remarks by the secretary to the governor indicating intent to obstruct any federal investigation is a stunning and criminal abuse of power,’” Stefanik said.

Remember, this is the same Cuomo whom the media lionized for his press conferences, even going so far as to give him and Emmy award. I’ll give him this – he’s a hell of an actor at playing the part of an honest man, something that apparently doesn’t come natural to him.