Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Kamala Harris doesn’t want to solve border crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris finally caved to the mounting pressure from almost all corners and made an in-person visit to the border, but, according to Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), the entire episode demonstrated that it is “pretty obvious” that she and President Joe Biden aren’t actually interested in solving the migrant crisis, and in fact “want more illegal immigration.”

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Crenshaw chided Harris not just for her months of delay in traveling south, but also for the specifics of the journey she ultimately made.

As the Washington Examiner reported last week, the vice president scheduled her highly-publicized visit for a Customs and Border protection processing center in El Paso, Texas, many hundreds of miles away from the Rio Grande Valley sector where the influx has been the the most severe.

“I think it’s rather obvious that she only went to visit where there was a convenient airport where she could do a quick photo op to say she did it because she was sick of getting made fun of by conservative media that she never went,” Crenshaw opined.

“But she’s not going to actually take any action. When it comes to these facilities, they’re overcrowded, they’re overwhelmed, OK? So we can wring our hands trying to figure out what to do with that, but we don’t have new ones just to build right off the bat,” the congressman added.

Arguing that the true reason for the record-breaking numbers of migrant apprehensions at the border during the first half of this year is the Biden administration’s dogged determination to reverse a series of successful Trump-era immigration policies, Crenshaw claimed that the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the ongoing crisis has been permitted to continue by design.

Suggesting that by extending the time period in which migrants can be held pending adjudication of asylum claims and adding the number of judges available to assist in the process, Crenshaw explained that the Democrats could make a significant dent in the surge that has overwhelmed law enforcement resources and communities along the country’s southern border.

“This stuff is easy to fix. And I think that’s why it’s so infuriating that the Democrats don’t want to. And you have to question their motives here. Why don’t they want to? Well, they want more illegal immigration. They like crisis. That’s why they don’t want to solve it. There’s really no other way to explain it,” the Texas lawmaker concluded.

Conservative commentator Katie Pavlich offered a similar sentiment last week in the wake of Harris trip in which the vice president herself said she chose to visit El Paso largely because many of former President Donald Trump’s signature immigration policies were first introduced there. According to Pavlich, the trip was evidence that this administration has “zero interest in solving the problem, just reversing Trump,” and that is a tragic priority, indeed.