Recordings reveal ugly things about Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock

All eyes are on Georgia’s Senate runoff right now, and for good reason. Now, despite the media’s best efforts to cover it up, a bombshell revelation threatens to sink at least one of the Democrat candidates, the Rev. Raphael Warnock. 

Fox’s News Tucker Carlson played bombshell police camera footage from this March, which reveals that Warnock was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife that turned ugly. The details should preclude any decent person from voting for Warnock.

Fox reports:

U.S. Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock’s wife told a police officer in March that her husband is “a great actor” and “phenomenal at putting on a really good show,” after Warnock denied her allegations that he deliberately ran over her foot.

While Warnock was not charged, his wife’s comments give insight as to why he got away with causing great bodily harm with a potentially deadly weapon.

“This man’s running for United States Senate, and all he cares about right now is his reputation,” she told the officer. “I’ve been very quiet about the way that he is for the sake of my kids and his reputation.”

A tearful Ms. Warnock tells the officer “He’s like, ‘Ouleye, close the door. I’m leaving…And I was like, ‘just hear me out. If your mom died, and I had the kids. Wouldn’t you want me to let them go with you to the funeral? And he just starts backing the car up. He wasn’t going fast, I’m not bleeding. But I just can’t believe he’d run me over.”

Asked whether she thought it was intentional, she stated, “Obviously. I was standing here. The door was open and I’m leaning into the car. How can you drive the car when I’m leaning into it?”

Warnock is a horrible fit for a US Senator anyway – his incident with Fidel Castro proves that – but this is disqualifying. Where is the #MeToo movement now?